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Unlock Transcendence Mode on iOS

What is the use of the Transcendence Mode

Transcendence mode: We go through different moods throughout the day, we may feel ecstatic at one point of time and low when things are not in our favor. Or maybe sometimes there is no reason for our mood to fluctuate. And for every mood, there is music to support our emotions.

One such feature introduced by the Boom app is transcendence mode on iOS devices. This feature is beyond ordinary and invites you to explore the depth of your consciousness. It is the best feature to enter the realm of serenity. You can evoke a profound sense of connection and tranquility with transcendence mode.

What is the use of the Transcendence Mode?

You can experience transcendence mode at 430.5Hz Scientific Pitch or 432Hz Verdi Pitch to feel the depth of the music. The main use of transcendence mode is that with this frequency range, you can calm your mind.


Imagine, in the middle of the night, you are unable to sleep. What you can do is, take your phone, open the Boom App and enjoy soothing music paired with transcendence mode. This can relax your mind, and help you fall asleep.

You can also turn on transcendence mode when you’re meditating. Soothing music played in transcendence mode can create a serene and peaceful ambience which is great for meditation. Gentle melodies, calming soundscapes, and soothing rhythms can help establish an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and mental stability. 

If you ever go to yoga centers or meditation classes, there is a voice that guides you through the process. In such a scenario, transcendence mode is applied to such audio recordings to give a soothing effect to the mind. Similarly, if you are practicing any type of relaxing exercises at home, you can turn on transcendence mode on the iPhone, put on your headphones and enjoy a tranquil state of mind. 

Turn on transcendence mode to calm your mind

Benefits of Transcendence Mode

More depth to the tune

Listening to your songs at 430.5Hz and 432Hz gives more depth to your sound. This will help you to feel the song and enjoy its vibe.

Stress reduction and deep relaxation

Transcendence mode offers a soothing and calming touch to your music, which induces a state of relaxation and reduces stress. For example, When you visit a spa, relaxing music is played. This music is often in transcendence mode to make your brain feel relaxed during a soothing spa session.

Helps you keep focused

The immersive quality of transcendence music can help you keep focused. This is the reason it is used during meditation to keep your mind focused on one thing. 

Calms a tiring soul

After a busy schedule, nothing can calm you down like music. And listening to it in transcendence mode, just takes it to a whole new level. Specific pitch frequencies such as 430.5HZ Scientific Pitch and 432HZ Verdi Pitch connect with your inner emotions as the sound creates a harmonious environment. Transcendence mode with this frequency level is an innovative feature to calm a tired soul. 

Transcendence mode on iOS, a feature to enjoy with Boom

Bottom Line

The new transcendence mode feature by the Boom app is worth trying if you want to add depth and feel connected to your tunes. Explore different pitch frequencies and see what it can do for you! 

Also, it can be the best partner to add a sense of calmness to your workout process. So, if you want to experience a soothing music effect, try transcendence mode on iOS. To try this feature, download Boom for iOS.