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The best music player app is now available on Setapp

The best music player app is now available on Setapp

Setapp has the best apps to match your requirements. And while we’re on the topic of the best apps, how could anyone not think of Boom! This music player app has been the choice of audiophiles for years and has made music sound great on iOS.

Global Delight’s team is thrilled to announce that the most loved Boom iOS app will now be available on Setapp. It’s the best companion for your iPhone to make your music perfect to please your ears and senses. Unlock the full potential of your phone and elevate your listening experience with Boom iOS.

Boom iOS is now available on Setapp

Why Boom iOS?

Are you someone who enjoys music? How about you find a bass booster and equalizer app to fine-tune your listening experience? Well, this would be a treat for all audiophiles. To your surprise, Boom iOS along with being a music player app also has a bass booster and equalizer to powerfully tweak the sound to your preference. 

It has many other exciting features to level up your musical experience. One of its best features is the 3D surround sound. With 3D surround sound, you will experience the true potential and realism of sound on using headphones on your iPhone or iPad. To enjoy great sound on your iOS device, you need to download Boom and put on headphones. 

While headphones are a must to experience the 3D surround sound of Boom. However, you do not need to spend on expensive headphones, Boom is compatible with all types of headphones, and it will deliver the same level of outstanding sound experience. 

The huge list of equalizer presets allows you to enjoy personalized music. You can simply tap on the genre you love and play the music of your choice. Boom is the music player app that cannot be missed by your iOS device to treat yourself to the real joy of realistic sound. 

If you have Tidal installed on your phone, you can enjoy your Tidal music collection through the Boom app, with Boom effects. Play any song of your choice, put on your headphones and swoon to the beat of Boom effects. Moreover, if you have music stored in your cloud or Google Drive, you can play it with Boom effects on your iOS device.

Another benefit of installing Boom is you get to enjoy 20,000 plus radio stations and podcasts all across the world. Enjoy radio streaming and podcasts of different countries only with Boom. 

Have you ever wished you could control the bass of your favorite song? Your wish can be fulfilled with the Boom app. There’s an intensity slider where you can adjust the bass and treble according to your choice. 

Another interesting feature is the CarPlay Support. Stream your music and relish a good sound with Boom effects while you’re on the go in your car! Also, you can enjoy transcendence mode, pitch effects, reverb effects and tempo effects with Boom

Download Boom on your iPhone today

Bottom Line

With so many features available, Boom iOS is now introduced on Setapp. Give it a try and get to experience its exclusive features. Boom completely changes the way you experience your music, and once you begin, there’s really no going back! Dive into a world of immersive sound, and feel your music with Boom!

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