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Elevate Your Audio Recordings with the Latest AudiOn iOS Updates

AudiOn iOS updates to make your recordings more powerful

AudiOn, with its impressive features has managed to garner love across the world. When it comes to audio recording, AudiOn is one of the top preferred apps. Looking at its popularity, the developers of AudiOn have announced to include more features that will take voice recordings to a whole new level.

When you record your voice with AudiOn, it’s not only about recording, there are many innovative features to create pristine recordings.. Let’s have a look at the new AudiOn iOS updates.

Audio Ducking 

Audio Ducking is a useful feature when two audio signals are being recorded simultaneously. It can help in adjusting the background volume. Also, it helps the two elements in the recording to shine differently without conflicting with each other. 

AudiOn automatically adjusts the background volume of audio recordings, depending on your preference. It offers four different levels of audio ducking – off, low, medium, and high. 

Off: There won’t be any automatic adjustments to your voice recordings.

Low: With low mode, you can gently reduce the background audio.

Medium: This will give you a balanced effect in the vocals and background audio. 

High: Here, vocals are made clear, and the second (background) element in the recording is reduced to a larger extent.

AudiOn iOS - Audio Recording App

T-Markers (Time stamps)

The latest release of AudiOn iOS includes timestamps. Text markers are used as references in audio recordings. Whether you want to get back to an important segment of your recordings when reviewing it, a text marker is all you need. With this feature, you can easily locate important segments of your recordings. 

This feature is best used when recordings are lengthy and getting back to a certain segment is difficult. Once you text mark your recordings, you can easily come back to a specific point of your recordings. 

Calendar view

Calendar view helps in managing your recordings for an improved coordination and scheduling process. It also helps you easily navigate to a particular recording. This feature saves time as you don’t have to scroll through tons of different recordings, and can easily navigate a particular recording by date with a calendar view.

If you record frequently, it also helps you to keep a check on which date you published your recordings and helps you to keep your recordings organized. 

AudiOn v.1.2

The new AudiOn v1.2 offers the best optimization for iOS devices. AudiOn constantly strives to evolve and elevate the voice recording experience on the iPhone

The makers of AudiOn pay special attention to user feedback on new features and continuously improve the app with user inputs. Developers often listen to your feedback and implement new features to make your audio recording experience more professional and fun. 

These three new features of AudiOn: Audio Ducking, T-markers and Calendar View will improve your productivity and enhance your recording process. 

Audion offers a seamless and secure recording experience. The additional features will help you take it to the next level and help you create those masterful, studio-quality recordings, all from the palm of your hand.

AudiOn iOS updates

Bottom Line

Technology is always evolving and the developers of AudiOn are integrating the latest technology to make the user experience better with each passing day. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more exciting features that are in the pipeline.. Include the above-mentioned features in your voice recording process, and let us know your feedback. Stay tuned to learn about exciting AudiOn iOS updates

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