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Your Mac is incomplete without these essential macOS apps

essential macOS apps

macOS Apps: How long have you been using your Mac? How many apps have you downloaded from the App Store to improve your experience? Well, when it comes to downloading apps, the options are endless, and your choice is particular.

Best Essential MacOS Apps

Whether you’re a video editor, photographer, audiophile, or want to improve your productivity, we’ve got a list of apps that can be your best companion. Over the years, these apps have garnered great attention for their exclusive functionality. Whether you’re a new Mac user or have been using one for years, here is a list of essential macOS apps you must have. 

Boom 3D: Audio enhancer and volume booster app

Boom 3D is among the 5 must-have Mac apps, if you are an audiophile. An award-winning app, Boom 3D will give a life-like sound experience, a sound that you don’t just listen to but feel, with absolutely ANY headphones. One of its top-tier features is its 3D surround sound which lets you enjoy outstanding immersive sound on your headphones, right from your Mac.

It has various sound enhancement features (5.1 Surround Sound in Boom 3D Mac) to take your listening experience from good to best. You can combine different audio effects and apply equalizer presets to enjoy personalized sound on your Mac.

Boom 3D Audio enhancer and volume booster app

Boom 2: Boost your stereo audio experience

One of the favorite apps for macOS to boost the stereo listening experience is Boom 2. With this app, you can hear every sound from your Mac with precision, and never miss out on details. Be it playing games, watching movies or listening to music, Boom 2 is the ultimate choice for all audiophiles to boost their stereo audio experience. The best music player app is now available on SetApp.

Boom 2’s powerful features let you customize sound and relish a stereo audio experience like never before. You can adjust the frequencies of sound with a state of the art 31-band equalizer and customize your listening experience. Other features of Boom 2 include file boost, audio balancer, stereo-widening, sample rate control, output compatibility, etc.

Capto: Record and edit screen captures and screen recordings

Capto is one of the essential macOS apps to make your presentations powerful and to make your screen captures look more professional and appealing. It has effective tools to make your captures and video content much more interesting.

Different tools such as the numbering tool, marquee tool, text tool, paint tool, bucket tool, adding annotations, etc make Capto one of the best tools to make your work effective. Also, with its easy-to-use interface and different tools, you can improve your productivity.

Capto Record and edit screen captures and screen recordings

Bartender 4: Organize menu bar

If you have many apps installed on your Mac, Bartender 4 can help you organize apps. It gives you total control over what to display and hide on the menu bar. You can quickly search for a specific item on the menu bar and that will save your time. Are you running out of space? No problem, you can move the apps to the Bartender bar.

Additionally, you can also adjust the size of the icons displayed on your menu bar. Isn’t this interesting enough to give it a go? 

CheatSheet: Learn keyboard shortcuts

Are you tired of always rolling your hands between the keypad and the keyboard? Can’t remember the keyboard shortcuts? Here’s CheatSheet to solve your problem. You can easily get a list of different keyboard shortcuts to the file or application you are working on.

With so many keyboard shortcuts, memorizing all of them is a daunting task, now you need not worry about remembering keyboard shortcuts, as you have CheatSheet to help you. You just have to press the hotkey, and you will find the list of keyboard shortcuts to use. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have the list of essential macOS apps, download these apps right now based on your requirements. Are you using any of these apps, or hearing about these for the very first time?