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Global Delight has updated their Boom iOS, more features double the fun

Global Delight has updated their Boom iOS, more features
Global Delight has updated their Boom iOS, more features

Udupi, India – June 9th, 2023: Global Delight is thrilled to announce v3.0 of Boom for iOS. The new features will revolutionize the way listeners personalize their sound. Boom, with its innovative features, has already changed the way music is enjoyed.. However, now with the latest update, a whole new level of music personalization can be achieved.

The update includes enhanced bass control, full-range bass frequency support, a one-of-a-kind transcendence mode, and reverb, pitch, and tempo effects. With all these features, users can experience a whole new level of audio bliss on their headphones. 

Music like never before with Boom iOS

The new update of Boom iOS includes:

Enhanced Bass Control: Users can have complete control over bass, and adjust the bass frequency level with enhanced precision. With the right adjustments, the sound quality will get richer, and thus offer a much more vibrant listening experience. The bass boost is now independent, and can even be enjoyed even without the 3D surround sound feature.

Full Range Bass Frequency Support: Boom now offers full range bass frequency support. Whether tight and punchy, or deep and booming bass is preferred, this feature offers a way to access deeper, more powerful, and more accurate bass for all genres of music. 

Transcendence Mode: This feature will help explore the depth of any music at 430.5Hz Scientific Pitch or 432Hz Verdi Pitch. It has a magical touch in its frequency level that helps to calm the mind and body. Transcendence Mode offers an intimate musical experience, similar to a personal concert or studio session. 

Reverb Effects: Creating depth and a sense of space in any audio is possible with reverb effects. Whether the user wants to feel the experience of a concert hall or a small room, the reverb effect with Boom makes it all possible.

Pitch Effects: Change the pitch of any song with the Pitch effect. Boom allows you to make pitch adjustments without changing the tempo of the song.. Users can create a unique soundscape and explore different possibilities of pitch effects. 

Tempo Effects: Need to change the speed of any song or audio track? The Tempo slider will serve your needs. Control the speed of any audio to your preference. Slow down the speed for a relaxing feel, or speed it up for an intense workout session. 

Boom v3.0 for iOS can be found on the App Store – Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

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