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Here’s how Global Delight makes your life easier-2024 and beyond

How Global Delight makes your life easier-2024 and beyond

Global Delight: Exceptional products, unbeatable technology, and excellent customer service that’s what Global Delight is all about. Today, with a wide range of apps, Global Delight stands out in the international market. With its different products related to entertainment and improving productivity, Global Delight has won many hearts with productivity apps.

As we step into 2024, let’s have a look at how Global Delight has made people brimming with joy about its products. With more than 50 million downloads worldwide, products by Global Delight are worth giving a try. Each product has its own speciality to make your life better.

Boom 3D : Volume Booster

Boom 3D has garnered unconditional love in the global market. Available for both macOS and Windows, Boom 3D is a volume enhancer with a 3D surround that makes your life easy when it comes to enhancing the audio experience while watching movies, music, and games.

Play games, enjoy streaming services and exceptional music with 3D surround sound on any headphones. Boom 3D has been the first choice for people who want to uplift their audio experience. It has helped people to get a life-like experience right on their laptop/PC. According to users, Boom 3D is easy to navigate and configure with its easy-to-use interface, powerful 3D surround, and the equalizer and audio effects help to personalize sound according to their choice.

User Review

Fantastic 5

“Honestly, I’m being truthful 

As an audiophile, listening to music on my Mac with Boom 3D is an absolute joy. The 3D aspect is not overpowering so it does not distort everything into a big jumbled mess (which I have encountered elsewhere. Fantastic. I would recommend 100% to anyone who wants a better listening experience”.

Global Delight- Volume enhancer with a 3D surround

Boom 2

The one and only choice to customize your stereo audio is Boom 2. This is another award-winning app by Global Delight. Boom 2 gives finer audio controls to customize your audio. It has features such as custom EQ, file boost, audio effects, audio balancer, system-wide control, output compatibility and stereo widening.

Audio balancer is helpful for people with hearing difficulties. Whether to enhance stereo sound or to boost your entertainment, Boom 2 is the right choice. Users love the way they can tweak the audio and adjust the equalizer to personalize sound. It is one of the cutting-edge applications that you can download on your Mac.

User review

This softwa

re changed my life 5

by Faith hiling – 

“Big respect, team! Music listening and beatmaking became much much better with your creation!”

Capto: Best Screen Recorder

A popular screen recorder, screen capture, and video editing app for the best content creation on your Mac is Capto. It helps in creating powerful presentations, demonstrations, tutorials and video content. It allows you to add voice-over, while other features and different tools help to make your content stand out.

Capto is the first choice among working professionals, students, and educators of the world’s top universities. Users love the way their presentation always stands out with Capto’s exclusive features.

User review

Get THIS one! None other necessary! 5 Star

by David C. Anderson –

“Capto does EXACTLY what it says! SCREEN RECORDING! SCREEN CAPTURE! When you cannot download something easily THIS is THE WAY to get it! I use it every day. Very, very useful. While I do not do a lot of video work I am an audio guy, for sure. This is the ticket. Works great on OS Ventura on my Mac Studio!”

Boom: Bass Booster and Equalizer

The best music player app for iOS and Android is Boom. Its 3D surround sound will help you feel the true life-like essence of an audio. It has many other features to elevate your music-listening experience.

If you want to add an extra boost to your music listening experience, Boom is your app. Users have felt the way they enjoy music has changed completely after downloading Boom.

User Review

Excellent even on my outdated IOS 12 device! 5 Star

by Romero Steel –

“Swift and extremely helpful customer service aided me in acquiring an older version of this App. Boom solves my need to improve the sound of my Bluetooth headphones. Highly recommend this App!”


A favorite track splitter and vocal remover app among DJs, music enthusiasts, music producers and content creators is AuDimix. This app for Windows users will help create your own mix and also help you practice songs. You can isolate stems, and practice instruments and singing with AuDimix.

The live preview feature of AuDimix helps to review your creation and make changes before exporting your mix. According to users, this is the best app for DJs and music enthusiasts to make their mix stand out.

audio recording app for iOS


A high-quality audio recording app for iOS users is AudiOn. For now, AudiOn is available for iOS users and Android users can shortly get good news about it. AudiOn captures every detail of your recording process and different mic modes help to capture the ambience of the surroundings.

According to podcasters and content creators, AudiOn is the best audio recording app they have used to date. It is one of the best user-friendly applications for newbies.


Are you a content creator? Well, then making your videos stand out must be our only objective. To make your content engaging, here is Vizmato to help you. Create videos, add filters, add music and much more with Vizmato. It is one of the preferred apps among social media influencers.

5 Best Content Creation Apps for Social Media Influencers

Global Delight’s products are the most talked about products in some of the reputed media publications

Sources such as Malavida, iGeeksBlog, Forbes, 9to5 Mac and other reputed media have mentioned the greatness of Global Delight’s exclusive products. These media reviews are proof that Global Delight stands out in all aspects of designing cutting-edge products.

Future Aim of Global Delight

Global Delight has already marked its excellence in designing top-notch products that are loved worldwide. In 2024, people will get to experience new and powerful features to make their lives easy, improve productivity, and elevate their entertainment.

There’s a lot more in store for you in 2024!

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