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Innovative Features of Google Pixel Phones

Innovative Features of Google Pixel Phones

With an array of options to purchase phones, selecting the best one is a daunting task. Android phones are popularly used, and you will be spoilt for choice. Camera, processor, colors, RAM, and the never-ending list continues. 

Some of the best phones today in the market are Google Pixel Phones. Engineered by Google, these phones are much more powerful than any other normal Android phones. Some of their features are unique and many users are not aware of their extraordinary features. Today, we will reveal some of the innovative features of Google Pixel Phones. Keep reading for a plethora of information about Pixel Phones.

Google Pixel Phones and its innovative features

Biometric authentication with face unlock

Face unlock is currently a common feature you see on all Android phones. So, what’s so special about the face unlock feature of Google Pixel phones? Well, you must have used the face unlock feature to unlock your phone, right? 

However, with Pixel Phones, use of the face unlock feature is completely different. This feature is introduced by Google to secure online transactions. Google presents ‘Google 3 Face Unlock’ to ensure additional verification. With the use of AI algorithms in the Titan M2 chip and Tensor G3, Google has achieved this Biometric authentication with a face unlock feature. Now, with Google Pixel phones, you can unlock banking apps using face unlock feature. 

Never a dull photo with Best Take: Google Pixel Phones

Google Pixel Phone’s camera technology is one of the best-in-class with intelligent algorithms. Do you love taking group photos? However, one problem with group photos is, there’s always someone not looking into the camera or else blinking. This spoils a beautiful click of your group photo.

To put an end to this problem, Google has introduced the ‘best take’ feature. You can edit facial expressions and correct the photos as you would like them to appear. It analyzes similar images captured in 10 seconds and lets you select the expression you want to pick for your photos. This feature is available only on the Google Pixel 8 Pro and Google Pixel 8

Save time with Google Pixel’s exclusive software

Google Pixel Phones are equipped with the latest technology to save your time. You can get a summary of any webpage highlighting the key points. The voice assistance of the phone explains to you the context of the webpage. It can give a clear explanation, this is a useful feature to save time, especially to get insights when you are on the go. It can also translate different languages, which can help tourists traveling to different countries. 

It also has a call screen which helps you avoid spam calls. With its human-sounding voice, it can also respond to calls. Isn’t this feature interesting enough to save your time? 

Recreate moments with Magic Editor

Google Pixel Magic Editor is a new feature in Google Pixel 8 phones. You can adjust the position and size of any photography with Magic Editor. With the help of AI, it lets you make changes in the subject of your captures. You can tap on the subject you want to edit and simply drag it to change its position. You can also resize the subject of any image. 

You may find many third-party apps similar to the feature of Magic Editor, however, instead of downloading a third-party app, it’s better to have this feature inbuilt on your phone. 

Google Pixel phone’s camera technology

Check the temperature of your beverages and food items

Have you ever thought you could check the temperature of your culinary items and beverages on your phone? Well, this is possible with Google Pixel Phones. Yes, you heard that right. The Google Pixel 8 Pro presents you with a temperature feature that allows you to check the temperature of food items within seconds. 

All you need to do is scan the item, and the temperature of the object will be displayed on your phone. The sensor in the phone measures the radiation of the objects around you.

Bottom Line

These are some of the innovative features of Google Pixel Phones. As you use this phone designed by Google, you will be surprised by its brilliant features. An Android phone like no other, a completely different experience. Are you excited to use Pixel Phones?

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