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Google Pixel Phones Review – Make your move towards the best

Google Pixel Phones Review - Make your move towards the best

Google Pixel Phones have always managed to gather attention with their unique features. Now, since the release of the Google Pixel 8 on 20th June 2023, there has been a lot of talk about their unbelievable features.

What makes this phone unique from other Android phones is its AI-powered capability to make tasks easier, and their functions that no other Android phone has. The third-party apps which you download on your Android phones are readily available on Pixel Phones. Want to know more about Pixel Phones? Read on for a complete review of Google Pixel Phones

Premium Design

Pixel Phones may not be the lightest or thinnest, but the overall design of the phone gives it a premium touch. The new Google Pixel 8 phones are water resistant, which is a unique feature that many Android phones don’t offer. 

The newly launched phones have round edges which is a step away  from the Pixel 7 version. With round edges, it has a more refined and polished look. Additionally, the Gorilla Glass, and an aluminum frame ensure the safety of the phone. So, if you’re looking for durability, along with a premium look, this phone is for you. 

Google Pixel Phones review

Quicker Updates – Google Pixel Phones

Engineered by Google, Pixel Phone updates are faster than any other Android phone. The new version of Android is first updated on Pixel Phones. The reason is that it is designed by Google and it takes care of every small developmentWhat’s so unique about Google Pixel Phones?

With Google Pixel Phones’ Android updates, you can observe improvements in security updates and feature improvements. The capabilities of Android phones are showcased with this phone. If you want a better software experience, you can buy this phone without thinking twice. Also, you will be among the first people to get all the latest Android updates if you’re using a Pixel Phone. 

Best Camera

Google Pixel Phones have a great reverence in the market for being unique. They’re some of the best Android phones with best-in-class functionality. With so many innovative features of Google pixel phones, needless to say, these phones have the best camera to capture your special moments.

The Pixel 8 phones have the best editing tools, and the quality of the camera and video recording is outstanding. The autofocus in the front camera helps you capture better selfies, and the ultrawide 12MP sensor delivers Macro Focus that ensures every detail of the capture is perfect. Also, editing tools such as Magic Editor, Best Take, Auto Magic Eraser, and more let you try different things to enhance your photos and videos. 

Google Assistant Integration

The Google assistant in Pixel Phones makes your daily tasks easy. It helps you avoid spam calls, and can also answer calls for you. Additionally, it can give you a summary of web pages, which will save you time as you do not need to go through the entire page. 

Also, it can translate into different languages. This feature is available on Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones. 

4,575mAh Battery and excellent performance

The battery power of the Pixel 8 is quite decent. It takes about an hour to charge. The Pixel phone supports 30W fast charging. However, if you are a gamer, this battery life may not  be the best for you. 

The new Google Pixel 8 phones have a Tensor G3 chip. This improves the performance of your device. Additionally, it has face-unlock features for banking apps, which will help you have safe online transactions. 

Google Pixel Phones are known for its excellent features

Bottom Line

Overall, Google Pixel Phones are the best choice for people who wish to have the best version of Android phones. However, there are certain limitations, but every phone comes with its own pros and cons.