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AudiOn introduces easy audio transcription: Speech to text

Audio transcription A new feature by Global Delight

Udupi, India- April 22 2024: Global Delight, the maker of AudiOn unveils audio transcription that will convert speech to text. AudiOn already has powerful features that have garnered immense appreciation worldwide. Now with the addition of audio transcription, users can effortlessly convert speech to text

This feature will revolutionize the way people capture and interact with voice recordings. Whether users want to capture important notes in lectures, meetings, call recordings, or podcasts, they can rely completely on AudiOn to convert voice recordings into editable text. 

Simple yet powerful, audio transcription leverages advanced AI algorithms to convert spoken words into written texts. This feature is designed in a way to provide solutions to improve convenience and boost productivity. 

There are three settings under audio transcription that are low, mid, and high. Users can select from these three, and match the right level of accuracy for their voice recordings. 

Transcribing the recordings can help users in the following ways:

Audio transcription1

Real-time audio transcription (Speech to text conversion)

Instantly transcribe spoken words into text, and say goodbye to manual transcription efforts that will save users valuable time. 

Customization option with perfect accuracy transcription

Choose the speed and accuracy of audio transcription from three levels that are low, mid, and high. 

Easy editing

You can easily edit the transcribed text, and copy and share it into other documents. This facilitates easy sharing of important notes, editing, etc. 

Improves efficiency

The advanced AI-powered audio transcription feature speeds up the work by speech-to-text conversion instantly. This will eliminate manual efforts, and people can give importance to other priority work. 

Personal organization

When an audio clip is transcribed, users can easily search through transcribed text. This will help them find a specific clip transcribed in the audio. 

In addition to AudiOn, Global Delight has other successful apps related to audio and video for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and HarmonyOS. Their apps focus on unlocking users’ creativity and improving productivity. Moreover, their apps are widely used for entertainment purposes to watch movies, play games, and listen to music.

As of now, the audio transcription feature is available on AudiOn for iOS and the app can be downloaded from the App Store.

About Global Delight

Global Delight is a leading developer of powerful apps known to improve convenience, productivity, and efficiency. Their team’s hard work, combined with unique ideas has made their product stand out in the global market. Today, the products by Global Delight are loved by millions of people worldwide, and have won several accolades for their excellence. 

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