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Best Bass Enhancer Apps for Mac and Windows

Best Bass Enhancer Apps for Mac and Windows

Bass Enhancement Software: Watching a suspense thriller or action movie, playing a challenging game, or listening to an energetic track; all require high bass. Have you ever heard a track without bass? Did that track make you groove? Obviously, not! Bass adds richness and makes the sound more dynamic and appealing. However, not everyone has the same taste in music. Some of you may like high bass, while others may prefer low bass.

Bass Enhancer Apps

Your Mac or Windows system will have the best features to improve productivity and deliver the best results, but when it comes to customizing sound, the options are limited. This is where bass enhancer apps can help tweak your audio according to your choice. Check out the below list of different apps, and pick the best one for your Mac or Windows PC.

Boom 3D: Volume enhancer app for Windows and Mac

Boom 3D is one of the top apps for bass enhancement. With its exquisite features, it can make everything sound perfect on Mac or Windows. It’s an award-winning app, so you can be sure of its powerful features to help you customize sound.

You can adjust the bass to your preferences and take your entertainment to a whole new level. Its 3D surround sound feature will further amp up your listening experience. Along with enhancing bass, take advantage of various other features of Boom 3D.

Bass Enhancer Apps

Boom 2: Stereo sound and bass enhancement software for Mac

Take your stereo audio above the limits without any distortion with Boom 2. You can adjust bass and change equalizer settings to get a tailored stereo sound experience on your Mac. Boom 2 Mac has an advanced 31-band equalizer, so you can adjust individual frequency ranges, and get the most out of stereo audio. It is one of the best bass enhancer apps.

Other than bass enhancement, Boom 2 has features such as stereo widening, file boost, audio effects, system-wide control, output compatibility, and much more.

bass enhancer app for Windows

Sound Booster: Bass booster and equalizer software for Mac

Sound Booster will help you adjust the bass and tweak the equalizer setting to help you relish sound on your Mac. It has a system-wide equalizer and is simple to use. If you want to customize sound on your Mac, you can surely go for the Sound Booster.

Its powerful volume-boosting techniques will help you enjoy music in a whole new way. Sound Booster App has advanced features to tailor sound to individual preferences. Why should you have audio enhancer software?

FxSound: Boost volume and bass on Windows

Want to add clarity to sound and make everything sound outstanding on Windows, Download FxSound. Simple to use and powerful with its features, FxSound helps to get a customized sound. You can adjust the bass and increase volume to get the feel of realistic audio.

You can enjoy 7.1 surround sound if you have this app. While most apps support virtual surround sound and 5.1 audio output, FX lets you relish 7.1 surround sound to make you feel present in the action.

Bass Treble Booster: Bass booster and equalizer software for Windows

Are you looking for the best bass enhancer app for Windows? Your search ends at Bass Treble Booster. You can customize the songs in your music collection with Bass Treble Booster. Also, there are equalizer presets to elevate your listening experience. You can make adjustments to bass, tempo and adjust the pitch of any song.

You can convert music files into formats such as WAV and FLAC without affecting the quality of the audio. Bass Treble Booster is a must-have app, if you want to relish good sound.


Is it possible to change the bass on Mac?

Yes, you can change bass on Mac with apps such as Boom 3D, Boom 2, Sound Booster, FX Sound, and Audacity.

Why use the bass boost feature?

Bass boost increases low-frequency sound. It can improve the listening experience and make sound more powerful.

Does boosting bass cause distortion?

If you use apps such as Boom 3D, Boom 2 and FX Sound, you can boost bass without any distortion. These apps are designed in a way to avoid distortion, and elevate your listening experience.

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