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How does EQ(Equalizer) help enhance audio quality?

How does EQ(Equalizer) help enhance audio quality

Equalizer also known as EQ is responsible for fine-tuning audio frequency. If you ever had a conversation with music producers or anyone in the audio industry, one tool they use the most is an equalizer. We all like to personalize our listening experience. However, we don’t find ways to customize sound easily.

You don’t have to be an audio engineer to customize your audio. You can adjust the EQ on speakers and headphones to get the sound fine-tuned to your taste. EQ helps to balance sound frequency, improves clarity, and makes the sound professional. Here’s all you need to know about equalizer (EQ) and its functionality to enhance audio quality.

What is an equalizer?

With an equalizer, you can fine-tune your audio, achieve a balanced sound, correct imbalances, and much more to get great sound. You can find an equalizer in devices such as some musical instruments, car audio systems, home theater systems, and more.

Equalization divides the audio spectrum into different bands, every band responds to a certain range of frequency. There are variations in equalizers and each of these variations has a unique purpose and function. Some of the variations are parametric EQ, Semi-parametric EQ, Dynamic EQ, Graphic EQ and Shelving EQ.

An equalizer is used to articulate vocals or make audio heavy using different frequency ranges. At times, equalizers are also used to remove unwanted sounds from a recording. With an equalizer you can get a polished mix, adding professionalism to the sound. Equalizers can be of different types, but you should know which equalizer is best for you. Meanwhile, you can try Boom 3D, a volume booster app which is available for Mac and Windows. It has a 31-band equalizer, and a range of handcrafted presets to match different genres of music. You can fine-tune your audio according to your preferences with Boom 3D.

What is an equalizer

What is high, low, and mid equalization and how does it enhance sound quality?

High, low and mid are different ranges of frequencies in the audio spectrum of an equalizer. Each of these allows you to control the frequency as per your desired level. Audio quality enhancement with EQ is possible within the different ranges of the audio spectrum. Here are all the details you need to know:

High Frequency

Want to cut unwanted hiss from the audio signal? High-frequency filters are your answer. With a high-frequency range, you can boost or cut the amplitude of the higher frequencies to add clarity and details to your audio. The range of high frequency is above 2 kHz. Control the brightness and sharpness of the audio using the high frequency filter,

Low Frequency

Low-frequency range is between 16 Hz and 60 Hz. If you want to add warmth to your sound, a low-frequency filter is the right choice. It gives power to the bass elements and adds depth to the audio. Next time, you find your audio to be boomy, apply a low-frequency filter, and correct the tone of your audio. 

Mid Frequency

Mid-frequency range is between 300 Hz and 5000 Hz. This frequency filter is used to enhance the quality of  vocals, instruments, or speech in the audio. It will also shape the tone of instruments and add better clarity and warmth to different instruments.

Audio quality enhancement with EQ

What are the benefits of using an EQ?

We cannot deny the importance of equalizers in enhancing sound quality. The equalizer adds clarity and makes the sound captivating by letting you adjust the different frequencies of the audio spectrum. Here are some of the benefits of using EQ:

Cut down the lows

By using a high pass filter, you can cut down rumbly and muddy audio. It helps to cut down the noise that disturbs your listening experience.

Brighten up your audio

By boosting the high frequency, you can make your audio detailed and bright. Keep experimenting with different high-boost frequencies. However, overdoing it can make your audio harsh and thin.

Tame the resonance

At times the room acoustics, and wrongly connected cables can make your vocals sound boxy and hollow. With the help of an equalizer, you can tame the resonance and get a perfect sound. All you need to do is reduce the decibel level till you get that perfect blend to match with other spectrums.

Balance the sound

When you want to balance the audio elements, an equalizer can help you. At times, the background sound or instruments overpower the vocals, you can use the equalizer to adjust and create cohesion.


Does the equalizer change the sound?

An equalizer won’t change the sound. It can make the sound better by adjusting frequencies in the sound spectrum

Where can I find equalizers?

You can find equalizers in car audio and home theaters or you can download Boom 3D to get a 31-band equalizer along with handcrafted presets to enjoy perfect sound on your Mac or Windows PC. It also has other features such as 3D surround sound, audio effects and more.

What is the use of an equalizer?

An equalizer is used to cut or boost specific frequencies in the sound spectrum to make sound quality better or more suited to your taste

Why do I need an equalizer?

If you’re someone who likes to fine-tune the sound as per your choice, an equalizer is a must for you. It allows you to tailor sound preferences, and enjoy clear and detailed sound.

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