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WWDC 2024: Apple announcements that you cannot miss!

Apple WWDC 2024 highlights that cannot be missed

The most awaited event of 2024, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is finally live. Major updates have been announced across its product line. Apple products are used by billions of people worldwide, along with significant product updates, Apple focused this year on Artificial (or shall we say Apple) Intelligence.

One of the major highlights of the event was “Apple Intelligence” which grabbed everyone’s attention. Apple will be making a big move into the world of Artificial Intelligence by simplifying everyday tasks. Apple Intelligence is another incredible innovation by Apple that can do wonders while keeping privacy as the top priority. Here are Apple’s WWDC 2024 highlights that you cannot miss.

Apple's WWDC 2024 highlights

iOS 18 (Operating system enhancements)

iOS 18 features will be available for about twenty iPhones and nearly seventeen iPad models. The features that are compatible with iOS 18 will ensure more security and improved customization. You can now relocate widgets and apps, customize home screen colors, change widgets, and make icons customized to dark mode, or with other colors. 

The control center is redesigned to enable a smoother swipe-down on your home screen. The photo gallery will get a revamp that will enable you to organize photos more efficiently.

iPadOS 18 will include Floating Tab Bar, Calculator app, SharePlay, and Smart Script.

visionOS 2 Features (Apple Vision Pro Updates)

Apple Vision Pro with visionOS 2 will have features that will keep you hooked. The new upgrade that we will see soon will turn any 2D photo into a 3D magical photo with machine learning. Improvement in gesture controls, larger visual displays, and introduction to the Vimeo app to watch high-quality immersive video. This is one of the major Apple’s WWDC 2024 highlights.

watchOS 11

The new advanced features of watchOS 11 will have advanced health-related features focusing on notifying you during emergencies and making sure your health is on track. Apple introduced the Vitals app that will provide detailed reports of your heart rate, body metrics, and others. Another interesting feature introduced is pregnancy tracking, you can get health reminders, log symptoms, and many more features beneficial for pregnant women.

It will introduce Training Load, Updated Smart Stack, customizable Fitness App, and Activity Rings, all tailored to keep your fitness and health on track.

macOS Sequoia Updates

This fall, be ready to get introduced to macOS Sequoia which will bring significant changes on Mac to help simplify tasks. How about you can control all the activities of your iPhone on your Mac? Yes, this will be possible, now you don’t have to reach out to your phone every now and then.

The iPhone Mirroring feature gives you full control of your iPhone on Mac. Get notifications on Mac and easily drag and drop videos, photos, and files between Mac and iPhone. Other features coming to macOS Sequoia are window tiling, presenter preview, background replacements, an all-new Passwords App, Topographic maps, Audio transcription, Math notes, and more.

Apple Intelligence Capabilities (Artificial Intelligence)

Apple Intelligence will soon be the big daddy of AI with its ability to effortlessly perform tasks in a second that would otherwise take hours of hard work. Available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The new Writing Tools will help you summarize content, it can proofread, rewrite content, prioritize notifications, summarize long emails, create Smart replies, and much more. Moreover, you can also generate images; the Image Playground creates a unique image based on your suggestion and description. Additionally, it can create images from your library. 


Safari like always will ensure a better user experience, improved privacy, and enhanced speed. The Video Viewer brings the video center and front, focusing your attention, it can also be adjusted without interrupting the video. The Reader mode enables a table of contents and summaries.

Siri Updates (Personalized Experiences)

Another major Apple’s WWDC 2024 highlight is Siri Updates. The integration of ChatGPT with Siri will help users in many ways. You can generate answers from ChatGPT giving commands to Siri. This integration can be seen in macOS Sequoia, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18. It can also be useful for quick replies. There will be better personal interaction with ChatGPT integration. Additionally, there will be gesture-based integration with Siri, you can shake or nod your head to respond to Siri. Say yes or no with gestures, and Siri will get your task done. These gestures will be supported on Airpods Pro 2, which will also have a voice isolation feature.

WWDC 2024 highlights

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