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How to personalize audio on iOS?

How to personalize audio on iOS

No matter how brilliant a music composition is, there is always an urge to modify it. Do you also feel like changing the pitch, making the background volume low or high. Well, we all have our personal choices to make our audio sound perfect to our taste.

To get your audio personalized the way you want, Boom for iOS can be of great help to you. The different features such as Reverb, Pitch, and Tempo effects can create personalized audio on your phone. Get to know how all these features contribute to enhancing audio on iOS and create your own personalized sound.

What is personalizing audio on iOS?

Personalizing audio refers to modifying the existing audio to your personal choice. This entails making different adjustments to the pitch of your music, fine-tuning the listening experience with equalizer settings, adding different effects, and so on.

The purpose of personalizing audio is to make your listening experience more enjoyable. You can also give yourself a concert or theater-like experience on your phone applying certain features. All these features are readily available on Boom for iOS. Let’s discuss its newly launched features which are Reverb, Pitch, and Tempo effects, and learn how it will help you personalize your music experience.

Reverb for immersive audio: Add space and depth to your audio

Want to place your sound source in a different virtual space or add a natural touch to its sound? Reverb can help you achieve this. It adds echo and reverberation to your audio.

If you wish to hear music like you’re in a concert hall or a stadium, you can use the reverb effect. It adds space and depth to your music. Audio customization with reverb is now easy with Boom.

The Reverb effect imitates the natural behavior of sound waves in different spaces (of your choice) and creates an illusion of being heard in a specific environment. You can virtually be in any ambience with the reverb effect. Does this interest you? Try it with Boom for iOS.

Enhancing audio on iOS

Pitch effects: Modify audio frequency

Pitch effects let you change the frequency of the audio signal that overall changes the pitch of the audio. You can increase and decrease the level of Pitch without affecting its tempo.

You can create a unique vocal sound with pitch effects. It is used to change or reverse the pitch of audio signals. You can use pitch effects to create unison or give a peaceful or dynamic effect to different audio tracks. Lower or raise the pitch to suit your comfort and entertainment level. You could even make great use of the pitch effect if you want to sing along to a song in a different pitch.

With Pitch effects, you can modify any music to achieve a creative musical effect, harmonize songs, or else just experiment with different tones and styles of the song.

Boom has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily make adjustments to the pitch of any audio.

Tempo effects: Control audio timing

Tempo effects let you manipulate the speed or pace of a song or audio track. Whether you want to bump up the speed and increase the energy of a song, slow it down to add emotional impact, or synchronize the song with a specific time period, tempo effects can help you.

By adjusting tempo, you can enhance musical arrangements, evoke different moods, and add uniqueness to any song.

Explore all the creative possibilities of your music and experiment with different musical genres using tempo effects.

Reverb for immersive audio


Enhancing audio on iOS just takes a few minutes on Boom. By using reverb, pitch, and tempo effects on your music you can personalize the sound and take your entertainment to a whole new level. 

From adding depth and space with reverb to changing the pitch and tempo of a song, Boom creates endless opportunities to customize your listening experience…

Download Boom for iOS and experiment with different features!