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What is Headphone EQ? Why do I need it?

How does Headphone EQ work

Massive amounts of money are spent on different software and headphones in the never-ending quest for the ‘best’ sound output. However, did you know that there’s a way to optimize your headphones so that you can get the best out of them?

To experience the most natural sound on your headphones, you need to try Headphone EQ. This feature helps you enjoy sound without the ‘gains’ or ‘losses’ caused by hardware, specifically, your headphones. Eager to know more? Read on.

How does Headphone EQ work?

Your headphones can help you achieve a personalized listening experience; all you need is the Boom 3D app with the Headphone EQ feature turned on. Here is the step-by-step guide to enjoying a more accurate representation of the audio in question.

To switch on this feature, click on Headphone EQ in the Boom 3D app. The blue (outer) colour denotes that the feature is on.

Headphone EQ in the Boom 3D app

After you turn on the feature, go to the search bar and search for your headphone type. For example, if you have  Apple AirPods(3rd generation), you can select this from the search bar and similarly search for other headphone types. 

Headphone EQ feature

This feature brings a new way to optimize the audio experience when enjoying music, movies, games, and more. This feature will apply equalization to your headphones to achieve more accurate sound reproduction. 

Equalization tweaks frequency bands to diminish or enhance the sound to create the best sound output for a particular pair of headphones. Auto EQ measures the frequency response of headphones with equipment. This includes the frequency response of headphones across the sound spectrum. In the next step, different frequencies are compared to achieve a flat response that is almost free from unwanted peaks or lows in the spectrum. Lastly, the algorithm adjusts individual frequency and then this is applied to your headphones through an app to achieve the desired results. 

Why do you need Headphone EQ? (benefits of using this feature)

This feature helps you get the best performance out of your headphones. Here are some of the reasons why you need this feature. 

Frequency correction: Customized sound settings

Every headphone has its own characteristics. You might have noticed that some headphones produce high bass or high treble. This feature helps to correct imbalances and helps you enjoy more accurate sound that is close to the original recording.

Better clarity: Enjoy premium audio

Turning on Headphones EQ will bring details to your audio that are usually diminished due to various factors like the headphone’s materials, construction, shape, etc. As mentioned above, Auto EQ balances different frequency ranges, thus the audio output you receive is clearer and more accurate.


Are all headphones compatible with the Headphone EQ feature?

Every headphone has its own characteristics, your experience may vary with different sets of headphones. However, this feature when used with powerful software can make everything sound perfect and will help you to enjoy media content better. 

Why is headphone EQ necessary?

If you want to enjoy more accurate sound without any imbalances in the frequency levels, you should try this feature. It improves clarity and makes sound more precise. 

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