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5 unbeatable virtual surround sound software

5 unbeatable virtual surround sound software

High-quality audio and inexpensive price make virtual surround sound special. When you opt for true surround sound, you need a good space, additionally, you need to spend more on hardware. However, virtual sound will offer you the same experience without demanding much space, and more importantly, it is light on the pocket.

Virtual sound emulates surround sound and offers a truly life-like listening experience. This can turn any ordinary audio into an immersive listening experience, and make your entertainment all the more engaging. Here’s a list of five software that you must know if you are an audiophile: 

Boom 3D: Virtual surround sound

Your one-stop solution to make any media content sound extraordinary is Boom 3D. You can download Boom 3D for Mac or Windows. It offers virtual surround sound that will make you feel like a part of the action. Boom 3D is compatible with ANY ordinary headphones, you need not spend on high-end headphones.

Boom 3D has a 31-band equalizer and a range of handcrafted presets. You can tweak equalizer settings to enjoy an immersive gaming experience, watch movies, and listen to music with its virtual surround sound technology. Additionally, it has several audio effects, 3D surround sound, bass boost, and more to amp up your listening experience.

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Razer Surround

Compatible with stereo audio, Razer Surround offers 7.1 virtual surround sound. If you’re looking for surround sound software for gaming, Razer Surround is your ultimate choice. Other than games, it is also a good choice to enjoy incredible sound while playing music.

The EQ settings of the app help you enjoy a personalized sound experience while gaming. It has bass boost features, further creating engagement and excitement in your listening experience. To activate surround sound for your account created on Razer Surround, you will need a valid license. Razer Surround is available to download for Windows.

Spatial Sound Card

Another spectacular software for Windows is Spatial Sound Card. This software can emulate 5.1 surround sound on headphones and speakers. If you are a movie buff, music lover or a gamer, Spatial Sound Card will never disappoint you with its extraordinary sound experience. This is one of the best surround sound enhancement software you can ever find.

You can adjust volume and mute speakers which will help you to personalize audio. In case you don’t need additional speakers, you can turn them off. Experience sound similar to multichannel audio with Spatial Sound Card.

TNK Surround Audio System

Another piece of surround sound emulation software to add life to audio is the TNK Surround Audio System. It overall improves the audio quality and makes everything sound perfect on Windows. TNK Surround Audio System has a 10-band equalizer, so you can tweak sound settings and enjoy a personalized sound. You can also make separate adjustments if you have recorded music.

Whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, TNK Surround Audio System is the best choice to enjoy virtual surround sound. Moreover, it also works well with stereo audio and turns it into a surround sound effect.

SBX Pro Studio

Easy to use with powerful features, this is what SBX Pro Studio is all about. This software is mainly designed for gamers to get a feel of realistic audio. You need to set your speakers to a 7.1 or 5.1 configuration to get the benefit of virtual surround sound.

You can make several adjustments and get your audio tailored to your preferences. This software works on both stereo and multi-channel audio. Level up your listening experience with SBX Pro Studio. Moreover, you can also use SBX Pro Studio for an impressive audio experience while watching movies and listening to music. SBX Pro Studio is available for Windows and macOS.

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Which is the best virtual surround sound software?

Some of the best virtual surround sound software are:

  1. Boom 3D
  2. Razer Surround
  3. Spatial Sound Card
  4. TNK Surround Audio System
  5. SBX Pro Studio

Will virtual surround sound software work on headphones?

Yes, the only thing you need to experience virtual sound is headphones. Unlike surround sound systems, there is no requirement for speaker systems and cables that occupy space.

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