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Transforming the Ordinary to Extraordinary: Learn all about Surround Sound!

Unlocking Extraordinary Audio A Guide to Surround Sound

Entertainment is not just about watching or listening to something. Well, along with a great storyline, concept, and lyrics, it requires outstanding sound to make you feel like a part of the action. While stereo sound may contribute to making your entertainment better, surround sound can make you feel the true power of sound, by adding fidelity and depth to the audio.

As the name suggests, this sound will surround the listener with speakers and subwoofers, creating a multi-channel environment. The high-quality sound you experience in theaters is what surround sound is. Does the sound in the theater make you feel as if you’re in the center of the action? That’s exactly what surround sound does. Here’s a detailed explanation about it:

What is surround sound?

Surround Sound uses multiple audio channels to add depth and fidelity to the sound. It will change the way you listen to music, watch movies, and play games by creating a multidimensional sonic environment.

It will immerse the listener from all sides and create an illusion of being a part of the action. High-quality immersive audio, generally,  can be experienced only with surround-sound speakers.

What is surround sound

Why should you experience surround sound?

Want to feel deep rumbly bass? Want to hear the suspicious tune skittering you? This is what you get when you opt for such a high-quality sound. Whether you’re playing games, watching movies or listening to songs for an immersive experience, this type of sound can change the way you experience entertainment.

There are several benefits of surround sound. Especially, if you are an audiophile or someone for whom high quality audio matters the most. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Immersive experience: Surround sound adds excitement and thrill to movies, games and songs.
  • Realism feel: Want to get into the middle of the action of a game or movie that you are watching? You need to try this sound. It lets you feel the realism of sound, making you a part of the action.
  • Directional audio: It enables you to listen to sound from different directions, just as the movie creators, or game developers intended.
  • Customize sound: Everyone’s choice is different in sound. This helps you customize and control sound according to your choice. You can try Boom 3D to enjoy 5.1 surround sound on your Mac.

Types of Surround Sound

Surround-sound speakers have different types. Below are the details:

5.1 multichannel audio

We all are aware of the conventional stereo audio which uses two audio channels to offer a spatial sound. Unlike stereo audio, 5.1 multichannel audio uses 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, which is FL (Front Left), FR (Front Right), left, right and a subwoofer. This will help you experience the true potential of sound. 

If you want to experience 5.1 multichannel audio on your Mac, you can try Boom 3D. It lets you enjoy 5.1 surround sound on ANY headphones. Your search for high-end surround sounds ends at Boom 3D. This also has many other features to improve your audio experience. Boom 3D is available to download on Mac and Windows.

7.1 audio channel

7.1 audio channel uses 8 channels to provide an immersive sound experience. While 5.1  audio channels are best for small to medium rooms, 7.1 audio channels is ideal for large rooms. It adds precision and depth to the audio. Compared to 5.1 surround sound, 7.1 audio channels are expensive.

Other than 5.1 and 7.1 audio channels, there are 6.1, 9.1 and more. However, the most popular is the 5.1 audio speakers as it is ideal for small rooms, and offers depth and a lifelike listening experience. 

Types of Surround Sound


Where can I use surround sound?

You can use surround sound with a home theater system, or use Boom 3D to enjoy immersive surround sound on your Mac or Windows PC. 

Do I need special headphones to enjoy surround sound on my Mac or Windows PC?

If you use Boom 3D on your system, you can enjoy immersive sound using absolutely any headphones or earphones that you have. You don’t need any special hardware or expensive headphones.

Do I need surround sound?

If you are an audiophile and enjoy high-quality sound, surround sound is a must.

Is surround sound suitable for gaming?

Absolutely, it offers an even more immersive experience and makes the players feel as if they are present in the action.

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