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Global Delight Unveils 5.1 Surround Sound in Boom 3D Mac

5.1 Surround Sound in Boom 3D Mac
5.1 Surround Sound in Boom 3D Mac

Udupi, India- 08/12/2022– Global Delight is all set to enhance your audio experience. 

The recent v1.4 update of Boom 3D for macOS creates a very immersive virtual surround sound by specializing all audio channels of a 5.1 surround audio from games, music, and movies enriching the fidelity and depth of sound massively on any standard headphones. Specializing different channels of surround audio tracks on headphones results in the perception of different audio channels distinctively on headphones with clarity. 5.1 audio support adds a new level of realism to the virtual reality experiences of Boom 3D, allowing users to truly feel like they are part of the action.

The latest version of Boom 3D is ready to offer a quality and dramatic sound experience with better audio effects and immersive surround sound.

Experience audio with 5.1 surround sound on macOS

Boom 3D undoubtedly has garnered unconditional love for its exclusive features and unparalleled 3D sound effects. However, with an upgrade to 5.1 surround sound, you are sure to be transported to a realistic world of audio experience. boom/

In the earlier version of Boom 3D with a stereo audio driver, 5.1 multichannel audio was being downmixed to stereo by the system audio and then virtualized into 3D surround sound. This new version of Boom 3D can drive multichannel audio directly and spatialize every channel of the surround audio track creating a very immersive and realistic surround sound experience on headphones without any loss of quality and details due to any downmixing of audio by the system. 

 Boom 3D’s inbuilt features such as ambience, fidelity, spatial and night mode, have already experienced a positive response from its users. And this new version can take the experience of multitrack audio on headphones to a totally new level. Users can fine-tune their audio as per their listening taste, creating a personalized listening experience.

Additionally, gaming with 5.1 support in Boom 3D will offer you a life-like experience and give you a feel of diving into the virtual world. You don’t need expensive hi-fi audio equipment to experience true surround sound at home or on the move. 

We are excited to offer our users this new feature that can magically disrupt the way users listen and experience audio on headphones. Boom 3D for macOS is available for download now, so be sure to try it out and experience 5.1 audio for yourself.

Price and Availability

The latest update ( Version 1.4 ) is available on Global Delight’s Web Store, Mac App Store, Steam Store, and SETAPP. Go check out the app and download your free trial. 

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