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5 best apps to podcast recording on iPhone and Android

Top podcasting apps for mobile devices

Recording a podcast is a mixture of emotions, especially if you have just started your journey. Excitement, nervousness, and thrill to begin a new endeavor that will ultimately lead you to success. A podcast is a route to convey your ideas, promote your business, create networking opportunities, boost audience engagement, and much more.

A podcast will showcase your expertise, and the main asset in the podcast game is your voice. The App Store and the Play Store consist of innumerable apps to record your voice. Are you confused about which one to pick? Your confusion ends here. We have curated a list of the top 5 podcast recording apps. Want to know which are those apps? Here we go!

Best apps for podcast recording on iPhone and Android

AudiOn: Best among mobile apps for creating podcasts

One of the best podcast recording apps for iPhone and Android is AudiOn. Make your audio recordings engaging with this extraordinary app. It has many features to make your voice stand out. AudiOn’s features include Mic Boost, Skip silence, Equalizer adjustment, Timestamp marker, adding music, and much more.

AudiOn is available for iPhone and Android, and the features of these two devices differ. You can add richness and depth to your voice recordings with AudiOn’s features. It has all the tools to keep your audience engaged throughout the podcast episode. Are you ready to record crystal-clear audio? You must download AudiOn on the App Store and Google Play Store.

5 best apps to podcast recording apps on iPhone and Android

Spotify for Podcasters: Top podcasting apps for mobile devices

One of the best audio recording apps for iPhone and Android is Spotify for Podcasters. As a podcaster, you look for ways to record high-quality audio, and Spotify for Podcasters has all the podcasting tools that will make your voice sound better. You can add sound effects and background music, also you can send invite links to your guests and conduct a remote podcast session.

You can also import Spotify music and add it to your recordings. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Spotify for Podcasters is one of the best podcast creation apps you can always consider.

Podbean: One of the best apps for podcast recording on iPhone and Android

In the list of top podcast apps, Podbean cannot be ignored. It is powerful and its intuitive features will make your audience fall in love with your recordings. Good content is necessary to engage your audience, but good content is useless if your voice doesn’t stand out.

You can get detailed stats of your podcast performance, however, that requires a premium subscription. Podbean allows you to listen to audio shows and download podcasts. There are basic editing tools such as merge, split, trim, and export.

AudioShare: Record podcasts on the go 

AudioShare is one the best podcast recording apps for iPhone. This app will not only assist you in recording but will also help you organize and manage your recordings. AudioShare has different editing features that include trimming, cutting, and renaming.

You can also preview your recordings and correct mistakes before saving. Moreover, you can convert files to WAF, AAC, M4A, and other high-quality audio formats.

Spreaker Studio: Best among Android apps for creating a podcast

One of the best Android podcast apps is Spreaker Studio. It also has the option to follow other podcasts and download episodes. Spreaker Studio has different features to offer a professional quality audio recording.

You can apply filters, sound effects and mix audio tracks, it has multi-channel audio controls. Spreaker Studio also has the option to schedule your recordings. Isn’t this enough to record and organize all your audio recordings?

podcast recording apps


Which is the best app to record podcasts?

Some of the best podcast recording apps are:

  1. AudiOn
  2. Spotify for podcasters
  3. Podbean
  4. AudioShare
  5. Spreaker Studio

Can you record a podcast with an iPhone?

Yes, you can. However, you need to install voice recording apps for professional-quality voice recordings.

Are podcast recording apps useful?

Yes, it can change your recording game and create more engagement with your audience. These apps have different editing features that you won’t find on your phone’s built-in voice recorder.

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