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Does audio ducking improve the clarity of voice recordings?

Voice recordings like never before with audio ducking

When it comes to recording our voices, clarity is paramount. Although many voice-recording apps help us improve the quality of our voice, many of us still feel self-conscious while recording our voices.

Be it a podcast, interview, promotional video, or something else, your voice plays an important role in compelling your audience to get back to your content. Audio ducking is one such feature that helps balance background audio and your voice. This is an important feature that everyone should know if you engage with your audience through voice recordings. Here are all the deets related to audio ducking:

Impact of audio ducking on voice recordings

What is audio ducking? 

Audio ducking helps bring clarity to the main voice (voiceovers) and lowers the background sound (distractions, music). For instance, you are a podcaster, and you have added background music to your audio recording. Adding music to your recordings is an excellent way to engage your audience. Now, that background music is overpowering your voice, so this is when you can use this feature to subdue background music and make your voice-over heard clearly.

With audio ducking, you can not only improve voice recordings of voice-overs but there are options where you can balance background music and voice-overs. Moreover, you can make the background music clear while subduing the main track. You will need a voice recorder app, such as AudiOn to get this feature.

Audio ducking is a useful feature when two or more audio sources are involved. It can eliminate two sources clashing and creating disturbance. You can use this feature to improve your voice podcasting and add clarity. Learn more about audio ducking in the below section.

Enhance voice recordings with audio ducking

As mentioned above, you can improve voice recordings with audio ducking. AudiOn can help create stand-out recordings with its different features. Other than audio ducking, different editing and recording features will help you enhance voice recordings and make your voice stand out.

AudiOn offers three levels of audio ducking, which are low, medium, and high. When you select low settings, the background audio will have more emphasis and will be clear. Medium settings will balance the background audio and the voiceover. Selecting high settings will emphasize more on voice recording and subdue background audio. You can choose the suitable settings and begin recording with AudiOn.

Impact of audio ducking on voice recordings

Benefits of audio ducking

Every feature of a voice recorder app helps to make your voice stand out. Audio ducking is one such feature that contributes to improving the clarity of your voice recordings. Here are some of the audio-ducking benefits.

Improves focus

Audio ducking helps to reduce the background noise and improve the voice-over and vice versa. This will help your audience to focus on the important elements in your voice recording. It will eliminate distraction and ultimately improve engagement.

Professional touch to your recordings

Using the audio ducking feature will add a professional touch to your recordings. Along with good content, maintaining the professional quality of your recordings is equally important. This will refine the listening experience, increasing the chances of your recording being shared.

Prevents overpowering of two or more audio signals

Audio ducking maintains a balance between background sound and voice-over. Enabling this feature will ensure there is no clash between two audio sources and both the audio sources maintain balance and contribute effectively to delivering professional quality audio.

Professional touch to your recordings


When should I use audio ducking?

When there is a need to balance two audio signals, for instance, voice-over and background music, you can enable audio ducking.

Should I keep the audio ducking on while voice recording?

If your recording contains two more audio signals, it is better to turn on the audio ducking feature to get professional-quality recordings.

Which app offers audio ducking feature?

You can download AudiOn for iOS and add clarity to your recordings by enabling the audio ducking feature. 

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