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What are the uses of mic boost and skip silence features?

Mic boost and skip silence Make your voice stand out

AudiOn has recently been launched on Android. Its exquisite features have garnered love among iPhone users, now it’s time for Android users to make use of its powerful features. There are many features to enhance your voice recordings, today let’s talk about mic boost and skip silence.

Whether to capture details in your recordings or to enhance them, AudiOn has got it all covered for you. These two features have a unique capability to capture details and add clarity to your voice recordings. Want to know how? Read on to know more:

What is mic boost, and how does it work?

Mic boost functionality

Mic boost is a feature on your phone that will boost the volume of the microphone. Have you ever faced a situation where you’re on a call, and the other person is unable to hear your voice? Is this problem persistent? Well, then there’s a problem with your phone’s microphone. This is when mic boost comes to your rescue.

Mic boost is not hardware, it is an inbuilt feature on your phone. It improves the low sensitivity of the microphone and provides the best clear sound on calls or recordings. In simple words, mic boost aims to boost the signal to make your voice crisp and clear. It picks the microphone’s weaker wavelength and amplifies that particular wavelength to a clear sound.

AudiOn has a mic boost feature, it uses your phone’s microphone and amplifies the weaker wavelength of your recordings. You can boost the microphone’s sensitivity to 200% and adjust it to capture every nuance of your voice. While you boost microphone volume, every detail of your voice is captured, making it perfect for your audience to get engaged. After all, your voice is a crucial asset to connect with your audience. Moreover, AudiOn is one of the top 5 voice recorder apps.

Mic boost functionality

What is skip silence, and how can it help in your recordings?

Have you ever noticed that while recording your voice there are times when you fall short of words? This usually is the case when you are a newbie in the recording world. The nervousness to connect with your audience, putting your opinion, fear to succeed, and everything together makes you fall short of words. This is when the skip silence feature can be used. This is not only about newbies, quite a lot of time, we pause while talking, and this disrupts the engagement with our audience.

With skip silence, you get an uninterrupted and seamless recording experience. This feature will detect silent parts in your recordings and remove them completely. 

Skip silence uses

Skip silence is a useful feature for someone new to voice recordings, or if you want an uninterrupted recording experience. While in a conversation, you naturally tend to pause, recollecting thoughts and ideas. However, this can make your recordings longer and might lose engagement with your audience.

The skip silence feature detects the silent parts and automatically removes them from your recordings. Thus, the flow of your conversation is constant and will boost engagement.

AudiOn with its noise removal technology, ensures your recordings are free from any disturbance, and you record with crystal clear clarity.

Make your recordings interesting with different features of AudiOn, and skip silence is one of those features. 

different features of AudiOn

Bottom Line

Mic Boost is a feature to add clarity to your audio recordings, while skip silence ensures your voice recordings are free from distractions. Both these features can make your recordings stand out. From saving time to helping reach your voice to your audience with crystal clarity, AudiOn for Android is the best choice.

Download AudiOn and make your recordings more interesting. Are you excited to use AudiOn?

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