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What’s so unique about Google Pixel Phones?

What's so unique about Google Pixel Phones

Google Pixel Phones:- Trendy colors, operating system, display, camera system, software features, audio quality, and many more things are considered when choosing a phone. The type of phone you have speaks about your personality and style. While for many, their phones are just a need of the hour, for some it’s a part of their style statement. 

Where everyone desires to have the latest iPhone or Android model, Google has engineered a special phone that has unique features and will complement your personality. These phones have custom processors that are very different from other Android phones. Let’s dig deep inside the technology used by Google and understand the unique features of Google Pixel Phones.


Google Pixel Phones The best Android phones in the market

Unique processors – Google Pixel Phones

Can you name some of the processors that are in your mind? Probably you would say, Snapdragon, Exynos, Bionic, Kirin and more. Have you heard about Tensor Chip? Well, this is the processor you will find in the Pixel phone.

Google is known for its unique ideas, and one of their innovations is the Tensor Chip processor. This processor ensures powerful security, exceptional quality photos and videos, and better performance. The Tensor Chip assists in performing advanced tasks and helps protect your data. This processor is the best trusted among all Android phones to also have secure banking transactions with top-rated security features. 

Use of quick phrases

Google Assistant is the most common feature on all Android phones. So what are quick phrases? It’s a useful voice command engineered in Pixel phones. You can give commands just by saying “Hey Google” and operate the phone using your voice without swiping and typing. Google Pixel exclusive software has made things easy to operate.

You can decline a call, snooze the alarm, and do much more with quick phrases. Turn on the quick phrase feature and make your life a bit easier. Say “Hey Google” and get started.

Get sharper and faster autofocus

A call for all photography lovers or someone who loves clicking their selfies. Google Pixel camera technology is engineered to click the best photographs as compared to all other Android phones. The latest Pixel 8 Pro has an ultrawide lens, autofocus designed to click better selfies, a telephoto lens, and much more.

With Pixel phones, you can capture every detail. It is also the best pick for someone who is into videography. Shoot HDR+ videos with Pixel phones. You can also get more control over the camera settings with Pro Controls. Adjust shutter speed, exposure, brightness, and much more with the Pro Control features. 

Enjoy spatial audio 

You can enjoy spatial audio on your Pixel phone that makes media consumption an immersive experience. You can turn on spatial sound from your phone’s settings. You can enjoy movies, music and other audio with an immersive feel in the sound.

For a better immersive experience while enjoying music, you can download Boom, which is one of the top-rated music player apps in the global market. The 3D surround sound will give you an unparalleled experience of enjoying music like never before. The app also has an advanced equalizer and powerful bass control to further enhance your listening experience. 

Always get updated with the new version

Unlike other Android phones that take a long time to get updated, there are a few phones that still run on Version 10. However, when you have a Pixel phone, you need not bother about the latest updates. Since it is managed by Google, you can be sure that your phone is always updated with the latest version.  

Change the way you use your smartphone. Be the first among the crowd to get the latest update and enjoy better features before anyone else. 

Google Pixel camera technology is the best-in-class

Bottom Line

Do you want to own one of the best Android phones in the market? Well, now you know which one to go for. Be it cameras, speakers, or processors everything is unique about Pixel phones. Give this phone a try and we bet you won’t regret it. Where everyone desires to have the latest iPhone, why not amp up your personality with a unique Android phone?

Will you consider buying Google Pixel Phones, or is there any other phone in my mind? 

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