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5 Essential iOS Apps that you can’t miss

Essential iOS apps to elevate your experience

iOS Apps: Your iPhone is the perfect feature-packed device. It has all the features for an excellent user experience. No matter which iPhone model you use, every model has its own impeccable features that make the iPhone stand out.

Most Popular iOS Apps

Its robust features, battery life, security, software choice, usability, and other extraordinary things all together make the iPhone a popular product. However, there are apps in the App Store that can take your experience from good to best. Here’s a list of 5 essential iOS apps that you must include to get the most out of your iPhone.

Boom: Music Player app

Are you loving the audio quality of your iPhone? Well, then it’s time to add more spark to the sound with Boom. This is one of the most popular iPhone apps that will refine the way you listen to and enjoy music.

Enjoy its immersive 3D surround sound on your headphones and fine-tune music with an advanced equalizer and presets. You can also stream Tidal with Boom effects. Also, enjoy more than 20,000 radio stations and podcasts from different countries. For high-resolution audio on your iPhone, all you need is Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Most Popular iOS Apps

AudiOn: High-quality audio recording app

One of the must-have apps for iPhone is AudiOn. Especially, if you are a podcaster, content creator, VJ or in any profession or otherwise, related to voice recording. AudiOn with its exclusive features improves the quality of your voice recordings. Furthermore, it adds richness to your recordings. Download the voice recorder app on your mobile device.

If you’re looking for an Audio recording app that supports crisp, clear recordings, you need to download AudiOn. You can use features such as reverb, pitch, skip silence, trim, cut and edit to improve and organize recordings. Furthermore, you get options to record with stereo front, stereo back channels, and mono.

Best Free iPhone Apps

AllTrails: For adventurous people

Hey! All you adventure buffs, Do you want to know about the best trails for biking, hiking and running? Well, all you need to do is download AllTrails. This app will help you in custom route planning. Also, you can share your outdoor adventures and connect with communities of trailers.

You can save the trail details of a particular location, read and post reviews, and find a location on GPS. You can get real-time map details and view trail maps in 3D. What’s more? Find out pet-friendly and kid-friends trails with the AllTrails app. Isn’t it enough for all adventure seekers?

Tunity: Scan and hear

Not happy with the audio quality of your TV screen? Scan your TV screen, and hear the audio on your headphones using the Tunity app. This is one of the essential iOS apps if you want to enjoy clear sound. All you need to do is, give the camera access to the app and you are good to use this app. 

Tunity also supports live TV streams, you will also need to give GPS access. For crisp, clear audio on your headphones, Tunity is your go-to app. You can scan the TV screen at the airport, and enjoy the audio clearly on your headphones without any distractions. 

Shazam: Find the name of any song

Are you in search of the best free iPhone apps? Well, if you are a music lover, and looking for free apps, you cannot miss Shazam. Many times, it’s one of our favorite songs playing in the background, but we cannot recall the name of that song. Here’s when Shazam will be useful. It can recognize songs in seconds, identify artists, get lyrics all in one place.

You can also use this app offline, all the more, get song recommendations and open music-related apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Moreover, you can share songs with your friends on different social platforms. 

Bottom Line

So if you want to make the best of your iPhone, download these 5 essential iOS apps. Your iPhone and you deserve the best apps to elevate your experience. Which is your absolute favorite app in the App Store?