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How is Boom 2 unique from Boom 3D?

How is Boom 2 unique from Boom 3D

Boom 2 v/s Boom 3D: Every app has its own special features, no matter how similar they sound and work. Similarly, Boom 2 and Boom 3D are two different products with unique capabilities to take your listening experience from good to best.

Are you confused about which product is best for you? Then, you need to understand the choice of Boom 2 v/s Boom 3D. Know its different features and understand which one is best for you. While both apps are popularly recognised as volume booster apps, their features are very different.

What is Boom 2?

Boom 2 is a unique volume booster app that is only available for Mac. This app enhances stereo audio on macOS. It empowers users with precise control over system audio. The unique features of the app along with its 31-band equalizer, make it the best choice to enjoy pristine stereo audio on your Mac.

Boom 2 enables users to amplify the audio signal without compromising sound quality. This feature is best when listening to anything with a weak audio signal; the powerful features can help you fine-tune the sound and enjoy a comfortable listening experience.

Boom 2 also has advanced audio effects such as reverb, ambience, spatial effects, and much more. These effects add richness and depth to the sound output. With its audio enhancement, user experience with Boom 2 has always been great when it comes to getting the most out of your Mac’s speakers, or your own headphones.

Boom 2 is a unique volume booster app

Features of Boom 2

Pristine Stereo Audio 

Boom 2 provides the best pristine stereo audio with the best accuracy, clarity, and proper balance. It ensures that each sound element, vocals, instruments, or any other effects in the music, is reproduced with utmost fidelity and precision. This high-quality stereo output will immerse the listener in rich audio, capturing the true essence of the original recording and delivering an unmatched audio experience.

31-band equalizer (with 20 dB gain control)

A 31-band equalizer with 20 dB gain control can help you have finer control over each frequency band. The extensive range of frequency adjustments enables users to fine-tune the audio response across various frequencies, enhancing or reducing specific parts of the sound spectrum. With this feature, you can accurately shape the audio to your desired tone.

Stereo Widening

With the stereo widening feature, you can add more depth and space to your audio. The stereo-widening techniques enhance the width and depth of the sound. As a result, you can enjoy a more immersive sound, allowing individual audio elements to occupy a wider space.

L-R Audio Balancing

L-R Audio Balancing refers to making the correct adjustments in the volume level of the left and right stereo channels. You can increase or decrease the volume level of the left and right channels. Proper adjustment in the L-R audio channel will make the audio sound-centered and balanced, making your listening experience more enjoyable.  

Sample Rate Control

Sample Rate Control directly affects the accuracy and fidelity of the audio reproduction. Adjusting the sample rate makes the audio quality more effective. It ensures that the quality of the original sound source is maintained.

Individual & Batch Audio/Video File Boosting

This feature will assist you in amplifying the volume of a video or audio file in your system, individually or in batches. It will increase the clarity and volume of your files. Without compromising the quality or dynamics of the original content, you can relish improved audio playback with older or lower quality files.

System compatibility of Boom 2

Boom 2 is compatible with macOS 10.11 and later.

What is Boom 3D?

Boom 3D is an audio enhancer app for Windows and Mac. By installing Boom 3D, your audio experience will change to a whole new level with its 3D surround sound technology. It creates  life-like sound with immersive audio on absolutely ANY headphones.

Boom 3D is an app where you can experience sound in a whole new way. You don’t just ‘hear’ sound but ‘feel’ it with Boom 3D. It has a 31-band equalizer and audio effects such as ambience, fidelity, night mode, pitch, and more. It will help you modify the sound and enjoy powerful and immersive sound at home.

Boom 3D is an audio enhancer app

Features of Boom 3D

3D Surround Sound

3D surround sound is the core attraction of Boom 3D. The 3D surround sound is one of the main distinguishing features of Boom 3D from Boom 2. Whether it’s about playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, 3D surround sound will give a life-like sound experience, on any ordinary headphones. 

You can also take the benefit of intensity adjustment (volume adjustment) and bass boost with surround sound. 

5.1 Multichannel Audio for Mac Users

Boom 3D also entertains its Mac users with 5.1 surround sound. The five virtual speakers and subwoofer setup will add depth and precision to the audio placement. You can enjoy your movies, games and songs with multichannel audio that will immerse you in a rich audio space, increasing the sense of realism with accurate, directional audio. For a captivating and engaging audio experience, 5.1 multichannel audio is the best choice.

31-Band Equalizer (with 12 dB gain control)

The 31-Band Equalizer (with 12 dB gain control) in Boom 3D is responsible for making adjustments in the frequency level of the audio. With the wide range of frequency adjustments, you can boost or cut down the specific audio spectrum. You can achieve a customized sound with the 31-band equalizer.

Individual App Volume Controller 

 You can individually control the volume of each application centrally. Increase or decrease the volume of specific applications and create a personalized volume control experience.

Advanced audio player

You can create a playlist of your music collection and make it a personal music player app. Play any song with boom effects and customize songs to your personal needs with  Boom 3D designed for all audiophiles. Boom 3D can also handle Hi-Res audio files for all you audiophiles out there!

Access more than 20,000 radio stations from across the world

Enjoy radio stations and podcasts from more than 120 countries right on Boom 3D. Explore different songs, news and languages across the globe. Listen to podcasts and news broadcasts of different countries with this outstanding app.

Common features of Boom 2 and Boom 3D

System-wide audio control

With system-wide audio control, you can control the audio of your entire system. Add effects and manipulate audio to create a personalized audio soundscape.

Advanced 31-Band Equalizer

The 31-band equalizer helps you to change the frequency of sound to adjust the audio to a level that pleases your senses the best.

Volume Booster (macOS only)

Boom 3D acts as a volume booster of your entire system. However, this feature is available only for macOS users. 

Audio effects

You can find different audio effects in Boom 2 and Boom 3D to enhance your listening experience. You can also combine audio effects for a unique sound experience.

Output Device Compatibility

This feature ensures that other devices work seamlessly when connected with the app. You can use any headphones to enjoy the true sound of Boom 2 and Boom 3D.

Boom Remote (macOS only)

You can download Boom Remote on your iPhone or iPad. With the Boom remote, you can control the sound output of Boom 2 and Boom 3D on your macOS from anywhere in your office or home within a particular radius.

System compatibility of Boom 3D

Boom 3D is compatible with macOS 10.11 and later versions. It is compatible with Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11 operating systems.

Which one is better for you? Boom2 v/s Boom 3D

Boom 2

Boom 3D

For the best stereo sound experience, Boom 2 is the right choice for Mac users. The 31-band equalizer is used to fine-tune sound, and other features together will ensure that every detail of the audio is heard clearly on your Mac’s speakers or headphones. Boom 2 can be used to enjoy better sound with music, movies, games, or simply to boost the volume of your system.  To feel the power of 3D surround sound on Windows or macOS, you can download Boom 3D. Moreover, Boom 3D is the best app to enjoy 5.1 multichannel audio on your Mac. Boom 3D is a powerful app that can turn any ordinary stereo audio into  powerful 3D surround sound. For the best immersive audio and to feel like a part of the action, Boom 3D is the ultimate choice.


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