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Make your Audio Recording a Masterpiece with AudiOn Android

Powerful voice recording app

Whether you’re a podcaster, video creator, or a social media influencer, you can’t deny that your voice is the main asset to engage with your audience. So the importance of a voice recorder app cannot be ignored; if you’re someone who interacts with your audience through video or audio.

You must constantly be looking for apps that offer you the best experience to engage with your audience. And now, your wait ends as AudiOn is available in the Google Play Store. Yes, you heard that right, AudiOn which is available for iOS devices is now ready to show its excellence to Android users. Read on to learn about AudiOn Android and its features.

Capture every nuance of your audio by adjusting the Mic Volume

AudiOn allows you to adjust the microphone’s sensitivity up to 200%. You can capture every sonic detail in your recordings. The fidelity of your audio is maintained with this feature. You can increase or decrease the microphone’s sensitivity as per your requirement. One thing you can be sure of is the clarity of voice recordings you will get through this app.

AudiOn Android Level up your recording game

Avoid awkward silences with the skip silence feature

Have you ever been in a situation where you fell short of words while recording your voice? Well, that’s pretty normal. But since the silence is being recorded too, AudiOn has introduced a skip silence feature.

This feature will recognize silences in your recordings and will discard them. Isn’t that an amazing way to keep your audience engaged without any pause in recordings?

Remove background noise with denoise:AudiOn

Does the background noise interrupt your recordings? Not anymore, with the denoise feature, you can remove the unwanted background noise from your recordings. AudiOn ensures you deliver crystal-clear recordings to your audience. Future AudiOn Android updates will surprise you with many more exciting features. Continue reading, so that you don’t miss any interesting features of this powerful voice recording app.

Trim, cut, and merge your recordings

Experience the best editing tools with AudiOn. You can trim and cut your recordings and merge separate recordings into one. The merge option lets you include multiple recordings to create a seamless flow to engage with your audience. These features together will make your recordings organized and professional.

Divide your recordings with a split feature

This feature is useful in rearranging or setting a proper order to your recordings. You can divide your recordings into 3 different segments. AudiOn allows you to divide your recordings into 3 segments. Whether you want to mark an important part of the video or rearrange the recordings, the split feature is of great help.

Add depth and richness with Reverb and Equalizer settings

Make your recordings sound even better with reverb and equalizer settings. Reverb helps you to mask imperfections in your audio. While equalizer helps to improve your recording’s vocal quality.

Customize your recordings with the Pitch and Speed feature

Add a unique touch to your recordings with the Pitch and Speed feature. When you’re recording something funny, you can add more humor with the Speed feature to create a chipmunk effect. You can also correct the pitch of your recordings by adjusting the Pitch range.

Get back to any part of your recordings with Timestamp Marker

This feature is helpful when you’re reviewing your recordings. If you are a podcaster or a Journalist, your recordings are lengthy; this gets very difficult to revisit that segment of recordings where you last stopped. With Timestamp Marker, you can mark where you stopped and revise again. This feature also acts as a reference to important sections of your recordings that need a revisit.

Add music to your recordings

AudiOn lets you add music to your recordings, you can adjust the volume of your music. You can add a professional touch to your recordings by including music along with your voice. Music is always associated with relaxation and entertainment. Hence, adding music to your recordings can help in attracting your audience.

Set Reminders to always be punctual

Many times, you record a podcast and decide to continue the rest of it some other time, but as time goes on, you forget about it. That’s why AudiOn has introduced this feature called Set Reminder. Also, this feature is useful to give you an important reminder to publish your recordings.

Seamless sharing and audio format compatibility

AudiOn supports different audio formats and lets you import recordings seamlessly. Be it a podcaster, video creator, influencer, or corporate professional, AudiOn for Android is for everyone.

Make your Audio Recording a Masterpiece with AudiOn Android

Bottom Line

AudiOn Android will surprise you with its features. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as you explore the app, you will relate more to its features.

Download AudiOn and engage your audience with its different features for voice recording. 

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