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Access the different mic modes of iOS, with AudiOn.

AudiOn adds support for iOS mic modes!

Whether you’re a content creator, musician, or podcaster, your voice is your main strength. A powerful voice recording app can make a huge difference. It helps you present yourself better and convey your message clearly to your audience. AudiOn is one such voice recording app that helps your recordings sound better than ever with its exclusive features. 

Moreover, it has many other features to enhance your voice and audio recording process. And now to improve your recording quality, AudiOn lets you use the different mic modes of iOS to turn on voice isolation and wide spectrum features. Access to these mic modes can make all the difference in improving your recordings, and creating better engagement with your audience. 

How do the different iOS mic modes work?

Voice Isolation: Eliminate background/ambient sound.

Voice isolation is a technology where the focus is on the primary source, and it eliminates unwanted background or ambient noise. It drowns out all the background distractions while recording audio. Have you ever faced problems with noisy backgrounds or distracting sounds while recording audio? Well, this is a common problem, and it has a solution. Your solution to the ultimate distracting background/ambient sound is to turn on the voice isolation mode. 

You can switch voice isolation on while recording your audio. Using this will eliminate the need for additional work of processing the recording to remove ambient sound or background noise.

The voice isolation algorithm works wonders by identifying the target sound source and surpassing everything else. The result you achieve with this feature is similar to a soundproof studio with crystal-clear recordings. Next time when you do a voice-over, record a podcast or a voice memo, don’t forget to turn on voice isolation to get that sound-proof studio-like feel in your recordings. 

AudiOn adds support for iOS mic mode, voice isolation

Wide Spectrum: Capture every detail.

Unlike voice isolation, which concentrates on the primary source while eliminating background distractions, the wide spectrum mic mode captures every detail of the surroundings. With the wide spectrum, your ambient background sound is enhanced without affecting the voice quality of the primary source. 

Wide spectrum captures a broader range of frequencies and sound detail. This mode is super helpful for musicians and audiophiles who want to add richness and depth to their recordings. 

From capturing deep bass or musical instruments in a song, to capturing the vocalist’s voice, the wide spectrum mode covers the full range of sounds. The final result of the recording that you get using this mode, is realistic and true to life. 

Have you ever booked a seat in the front row of a concert? The voice clarity that the wide spectrum mode offers is similar to that. Additionally, the wide spectrum is not just limited to recording music; it captures the ambience of a natural setting and preserves the true feel of a live event. 

For example, if you are doing commentary for a football match in the stadium. Your voice, the crowd cheering, and the hustle and bustle of the stadium are recorded when you turn on the wide spectrum feature. Whether you are recording a live game, orchestra, or a documentary, the wide spectrum feature ensures that every nuance and detail of sound in your surroundings is captured. 

AudiOn gives access to different mic modes of iOS

Why choose AudiOn to make the most of iOS’s mic modes?

AudiOn gives access to iOS’ voice isolation and wide spectrum mic modes. These features are a game-changer for all iOS users who constantly look for ways to level up their voice or audio recording game. By allowing you to use mic modes, AudiOn helps you create professional-grade recordings without the need for expensive studio equipment.

AudiOn includes built-in editing and other features, enabling you to fine-tune your recordings and add effects without additional software. AudiOn is often updated, keeping in mind the latest iPhone and iOS features and improvements. This ensures that you continue to receive the best recording experience and can take advantage of new possibilities and capabilities of iOS updates. Enabling voice isolation and a wide spectrum mic mode is available for iPhone X and above.

Bottom Line

Get access to the voice isolation and wide spectrum mic modes of iOS with AudiOn, and witness the difference in your audio recordings. If you are looking for professional-quality sound in your recordings, AudiOn is your best bet

Go ahead and explore the possibilities of voice recording with AudiOn!

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