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Find copyright-free music for voice recordings

Find copyright-free music for voice recordings

Music can instantly change the mood, and add depth to emotions, and it’s a fun element to engage the audience. Your voice recordings are incomplete without adding music. You can have great content and still not get good engagement if you lack to add fun elements to recordings. Music is one such element that can instantly spice up the environment.

However, with fun elements, there are copyright issues that can’t be ignored. Searching for copyright-free music is an arduous task. To help you out we have listed 5 sources that offer royalty-free music for recordings.

Uppbeat: Royalty-free music options for podcasters and content creators

One of the best places to find copyright-free music is Uppbeat. You can find different soundtracks to match the emotion of voice recordings. Uppbeat is the choice of content creators who monetize their videos and recordings. You can easily search using a keyword to suit the best possible track for recordings.

If you are someone who needs several different soundtracks and audio effects in a month, you can opt for the paid version of Uppbeat. You can download unlimited tracks and sound effects related to specific genres or artists.

Free music resources for voiceovers

SoundCloud: Music resources for voiceovers and others

Take your voice recordings to another level with perfect background music. SoundCloud is a popular source where you can find different tracks for recordings. If you communicate with the audience through voice recordings, a good voice recorder app and good music are important to engage the audience.

You can type in the search bar for background music, and you can find different tracks for recordings. If you want to download royalty-free music, SoundCloud is a great choice to find some. However, not all the music on SoundCloud is royalty-free, so you need to be careful with what you pick. Also, choose the right voice recorder app that offers different editing features. You should keep the audio ducking feature on while recording to avoid clashing voice and background track.

PremiumBeat: The best source for finding music for voice recordings legally

Find high-quality background tracks for recordings only with PremiumBeat. Be it podcast recordings, video creation, or any other content creation, PremiumBeat is the best source you can trust. There are more than 10,000 tracks to match voice recordings.

If you are in search of an audio background to amaze your audience, you know which source to go for. Select different instruments, artists, and genres: the way to copyright-free music is right here.

Music Vine: Explore royalty-free music

One of the best sites to find royalty free audio tracks is Music Vine. You can filter different soundtracks based on moods, genres, style, and vocals. There are three different sections, creative, promotional, and storytelling, this will make it easy for you to search audio background tracks for your recordings depending on their type.

There are also music tracks of different unknown artists. Using such tracks will also help some good unknown tracks to be recognized and gain popularity. So choose the best one and elevate the voice recording game.

Filmstro: One of the best sites for copyright-free music

Your search for copyright-free music sources ends at Filmstro. Here you can find royalty-free music, and also you can customize the track by adding power and depth to it. The best part of this app is there’s a free trial before making a purchase decision.

You can leverage the benefit of a free trial and explore the app completely to get an idea of how well it will meet your requirements. There are more than 60 categories to choose a background track. Flimstro will never disappoint you by making voice recordings more interesting with unique background music.

Finding music for voice recordings legally


Where to find copyright-free music for voice recordings?

To get copyright-free music, you can check these sources and select a background track:

  1. Uppbeat
  2. SoundCloud
  3. PremiumBeat
  4. Music Vine
  5. Filmstro

Do voice recording apps provide copyright-free music?

Apps such as AudiOn for iOS and Android offer copyright-free music tracks. If you are a casual podcaster or a content creator, these free audio tracks provided by the voice recorder app will be enough.

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