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Notification for Third Party Audio Driver

Notification for Third Party Audio Driver

There might be third-party audio enhancement applications or third-party audio drivers installed on your system. When this driver/application works with Boom, it might cause the audio enhanced by Boom to be distorted or you might not be able to hear any sound.

To avoid such problems, when the third-party application switches the sound output to an audio driver in System Preferences, Boom turns off its effect and displays a notification saying “Unsupported Audio Driver”.

Unsupported Audio Driver

To resolve this:

– You have to quit the application, which is using this driver.

–  Launch the Activity Monitor and search for the name of the app. Make sure that no Helper of this application is running in the background. If you find any helper application with the same name, quit the Helper application by clicking on ‘X’ mark of Activity Monitor.

Unsupported Audio Driver2

However, if you want to hide the “Unsupported Audio Driver” notification, you can do that by unselecting the option ‘Notify me when unsupported audio driver is selected’ from the Boom Settings

Notify me when unsupported audio driver is selected

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  1. RandomPerson1123 Reply

    Thanks for this a lot! I do use another driver. I was downloading another amplifier app before this and it was good, but they had NO support about this type of issue; it was easy to assume that the amplifier was hurting my audio stuff. I downloaded yours and instantly found less issues. But there were still some; then I found this by clicking the info button on a setting (thankfully I am thourough) and this is helpful to very few people, but I am one of them! Really appreciate you making this

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