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Enhanced bass control and full range bass frequency support on iOS

Enhanced bass control and full range bass frequency support on iOS

Have you ever wished that you could have better control over the bass of the music you are listening to? Or wish you could have widened the range of bass boost? We all have the urge to make adjustments to increase or decrease the bass of our favorite song or audio files.

Keeping that in mind, the Boom app has released its new update with enhanced bass boost and full-range bass frequency support on the iPhone. Now, you can have better control over Bass on your iPhone. Get ready to elevate your audio experience, as we will explain to you in detail about the updated features. 

Enhanced Bass Control

To give richness and depth to any audio, bass frequency is important. While the Boom app already had the bass feature to adjust the frequency level and add depth to music. However, with the updated feature, customizing bass on iPhone has gotten much better.

The enhanced bass boost will allow you to adjust the bass level to your preferences. Whether you want a deep, rumbly bass effect or crisp thumping bass, the updated feature of the Boom app can do all that for you. It will help you fine-tune your listening experience by helping you set the right bass level to match your mood.

Make sound better on your iPhone with enhanced bass control

Example of enhanced bass control

Take a scenario, you want to enjoy high-bass music,you want to hear the rhythmic beats clearly. Various iOS sound optimization techniques are possible with Boom and its enhanced bass boost feature.

Adjustment in bass levels can elevate your overall listening experience, and make it more enjoyable to your ears. 

Full-range bass frequency support

Many of the volume booster apps for iOS have limited control over bass frequency. However, with the Boom app for iOS, you can enjoy full-range bass frequency support. The entire bass spectrum is under your control, you can boost or bring down specific bass frequencies as desired. With the option of full-range bass frequency support on iOS, you can modify the specific genre of music and enjoy a personalized sound. 

Boom on iOS with full-range bass frequency support

Example of Full-range bass frequency support

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music, you can use full-range bass frequency support to focus on basslines. By boosting the bass frequency you can give your music a more impactful and groovy feel

Bottom line

If you want to have a full-range bass on iPhone, and enhanced bass control, the Boom app can help you fulfill your sound desires. 

Download the Boom app on your iPhone, and explore the ways in which you can control bass.

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