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Best 5 hidden features of popular music player apps

Music player apps with exclusive hidden features

The daily hustle, anxiety, depression, elongated working hours, exams, and other stress factors can upset our mood. In all this hustle in life, one thing that can always relax our mood is music. People nowadays are opting for music therapy to improve their mental health. It is one of the best ways to calm your mind.

Listening to music with your headphones on is fun; however, if you want to feel that extra kick and emotion, you need a music player app to feel the music. While bass boost and equalizer settings are the common features considered when making a purchase, did you know there are hidden features to improve sound and double your entertainment? In this blog, we will reveal some exclusive features that will help you enjoy music like never before. Here we go!

3D surround sound: Advanced features in music players

3D surround sound is one of the premium features that you can find in sound enhancement and music-related apps. This feature is useful in offering rich and immersive sound. It creates a sonic environment that will help you feel the realism of sound. Many apps offer stereo audio, but 3D surround sound is one of those features that you will find in premium apps such as Boom. Why settle for stereo when you can enjoy three-dimensional immersive sound?

3D surround sound - Advanced features in music players

Radio and podcasts: Secret tools in music apps

You can relish songs from your favorite radio stations and listen to podcasts from your favorite podcaster, however, the joy of listening is incomplete without great sound. The best music player apps offer radio stations and podcasts from around the world. Boom, the choice of music connoisseurs has over twenty thousand radio channels and podcasts worldwide.

Make your podcasts and music experience better with a premium music player and sound booster app. Additionally, explore new podcasts, talk shows, and music from different countries.

CarPlay Support: Undiscovered music app features

Make your long journeys and driving experience enjoyable with the help of CarPlay Support. Connect your phone to your car’s compatible infotainment system and enjoy songs with special effects. Music player and volume enhancer apps have special features to give an extra kick to your music that will make your listening experience immersive.

You can boost bass and adjust equalizer settings to personalize any song of your choice to your preference. You can find different bass booster and equalizer apps for iOS and Android in the App Store and Play Store.

Compatible with streaming services: Secret capabilities of music players

Did you know you can enjoy streaming services with music player apps? Yes, you heard that right. For example, Boom for iOS allows you to stream Tidal Music and apply Boom effects for an immersive experience.

You can apply Boom effects and amp up your entertainment quotient when listening to your favorite music. Streaming services have vast music libraries, you can discover new tracks and play your favorite ones with a personalized touch, supported by music players and volume enhancer apps.

Transcendence Mode: Hidden options in music apps

Want to experience the depth of music that brings calmness to your mind? You should turn on transcendence mode. This feature is available on Boom for iOS. You can feel the transcendence mode at 430.5Hz Scientific Pitch or 432Hz Verdi Pitch.

You can turn this on while meditating or doing yoga to calm your mind. It creates a peaceful ambience to experience a tranquil state. 

Hidden options in music apps


Which is the best music player app with good reviews?

You can try Boom for iOS and Android. It offers high-quality audio and special features to intensify your music listening experience. 

What are the hidden features of a music player app?

Some of the unknown features are 3D surround sound, streaming radio and podcasts, CarPlay support, compatibility with streaming services, and Transcendence Mode.

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