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Best Bass Booster and Equalizer apps for Android

audio enhancement apps

Do you love music that elevates your mood, adding energy and excitement? Well, you are probably a fan of high-bass music. The sound waves produced by high bass frequency create an environment that boosts your mood, creates a sense of excitement, and adds depth to the music.

Bass boost is also used to create tension to uplift dramatic scores. Bass booster and equalizer app for android can take your music listening experience to a whole new level. Some songs with heavy bass drops such as “Martin Garrix – Animals” or “The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down” are best enjoyable when you increase the bass. Here’s a comprehensive list of music player apps for Android. 

Boom: Bass booster and Equalizer app for Android

Experience the unbeatable 3D surround sound with an equalizer and bass-boosting options only on Boom. You can boost low-frequency sound and match the audio spectrum to your preferred music taste. With a 16-band or 8-band equalizer, you can adjust settings for a completely personalized music experience.

You can enjoy more than twenty thousand radio stations and podcasts with Boom. Your in-built Android speakers may be good, but downloading Boom can give that extra oomph to your music that is missing in normal in-built speakers. Boom is not just a bass booster and equalizer app, it has many features to take your listening experience to a whole new level.

Bass booster and Equalizer app for Android

Bass Booster and Equalizer developed by Coocent – Top equalizer app for Android

This is one of the most popular audio enhancement apps to improve the sound quality on Android. It has 5 5-band equalizer where you can tweak music according to your preference. You can also make use of customizable presets to further enhance your listening experience.

It has basic features to improve the sound quality of your music. The app is useful if your in-built phone speakers are not loud enough. You may not find the most premium features, but overall, it does the job of improving sound quality by offering bass and equalizer settings. 

Music Volume EQ – Equalizer: Enhance bass on Android

There are apps to edit screen recordings, edit photos, create presentations, and more, but when it comes to the best equalizer and bass booster apps, Music Volume EQ will never disappoint you. You can adjust the sound to your music taste with a 5-band or 10-band equalizer. Additionally, you can edit, delete, and save presets. This is one of the best music equalizer apps.

The bass booster feature helps to amp up the bass of any music played on Android. You can also adjust the sound output of left and right audio channels. Effortlessly enjoy personalized music with Music Volume EQ- Equalizer.

Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer- Android audio equalizer apps

Looking for mobile sound booster apps? Here is Equalizer FX that can amplify low frequencies and get the best music experience on Android phones. There are 12 presets and the app works excellently with streaming services. Moreover, you can also create your own preset.

It can’t change the bass level of FM radio. Overall this application is popular as a sound enhancer for Android phones. You can enhance the sound of a few streaming services and enjoy good-quality sound.

Volume Booster – Equalizer Pro: Android bass booster and equalizer apps

One of the best bass-boost apps for smartphones is Volume Booster-Equalizer Pro.  It has a 10-band equalizer with presets. As the name suggests ‘Volume Booster’ this app can take the volume and bass of your phone above average level.

Furthermore, you can edit and delete presets. This app is best for Android users to experience clear and loud audio, amplifying their entertainment experience.


Android bass booster and equalizer apps


Can I listen to music saved on Google Drive with bass booster and equalizer apps?

Applications such as Boom: Bass Booster and Equalizer app allow you to play music saved on Google Drive. You can apply Boom effects and enjoy a great listening experience.

Are there free music player apps?

Yes, you can find free applications. However, the unnecessary ads will interpret your joyful music listening experience. Applications that require subscription have powerful features to enhance the audio quality on Android. 

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