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Boom 3D: Six years of exceptional sound

Boom 3D Six years of exceptional sound

Anniversaries mark a special place in our hearts; they take us back to our journey and reminisce the effort and time of people who have contributed to the success we are relishing now. Today, we have a reason to celebrate Boom 3D, which has gained immense popularity. 

In this fast-paced tech world, Boom 3D has been successful in maintaining its presence around the globe. It has become one of the essential volume booster and volume enhancer apps for Mac and Windows. As we celebrate its 6th Anniversary since its release on 6th June 2017, let us take a tour of our journey. 

Journey of Boom 3D

We still remember the day, 7th June 2017, when we officially released Boom 3D. Our motive was not just to create the best volume booster or volume enhancer app, but we were looking for ways how it can positively impact the lives of people. Little did we know that it would mark a special place in everyone’s heart around the globe. 

Today, we are thrilled to share that Boom 3D has over 7 million downloads. Yes, you heard that right! It’s a whopping number that makes us successful in what we initially dreamed about. It’s hard to express our feelings and how proud we are as a team to achieve such a remarkable milestone. Knowing that Boom 3D has helped hearing-impaired people to enjoy sound is incredibly fulfilling. 

Over the years, we have received heartwarming messages and reviews from people sharing their stories and experiences of how Boom 3D has made a difference in the way they enjoy sound. From those with hearing impairments to music enthusiasts, your testimonials have been the fuel that keeps us working hard. 

On the way to our success, it was not a smooth sailing journey. We faced numerous challenges on the way. From technical hiccups to keeping up with evolving operating systems, we had many hurdles on our way. However, through all this, we’ve been successful in our commitment to deliver the best possible experience to all our users. 

Speaking of commitment, our journey would not have been up to the mark without our incredible team. Their passion, dedication and commitment to excellence have made Boom 3D a successful product in just 6 years. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure the app is user-friendly and reliable for everyone. 

Celebrating 6 years of Boom 3D

Awards and recognition

Boom 3D  has been valued by many accolades. Here is the list of awards earned by Boom 3D in this 6 years of journey:

  • Macworld Editor’s Choice
  • 2018: Got featured worldwide on the Mac App Store Home Page
  • Boom 3D is recommended on FDM
  • Recommended Boom 3D Windows Software Informer 2021
  • Editor’s Pick: Boom 3D Mac Informer 2021

Various accolades won by Boom 3D

Future of Boom 3D

We have exciting plans for the future to further improve Boom 3D and expand its capabilities. We’re continuously exploring new features, enhancing performances and staying up to date with the latest technological advancements to provide the best sound experience users ever imagined. 

However, none of the above have a definition without your support. Your suggestions and feedback have been valuable to us. We request you to keep sharing your ideas and thoughts as they motivate and guide us to make Boom 3D a better product for everyone. 

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