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Now with Pitch Shift and Tempo Adjustment Features – AuDimix

Now with Pitch Shift and Tempo Adjustment Features – AuDimix

AuDimix, a recent launch by Global Delight has been invaluable to musicians and music enthusiasts. Be it the stem separation or vocal removal, the live preview feature, or even the ease of use of the app, it has been helping its users to enhance their music skills, helping them remix, and much more. This music track splitter app is one the favorites for music enthusiasts, DJs, musicians and music producers.

With its intuitive interface and easy stem separation, AuDimix offers an unparalleled experience. With the existing features, you can extract vocals, drums, bass, piano and other backing instruments, which makes it perfect for practicing and remixing. Now, the team at Global Delight has added pitch shift and tempo adjustment to the AuDimix app. Let’s check out how this feature will help you improve sound and be beneficial to all music enthusiasts. 

Pitch Shift 

Pitch shift refers to the change in the frequency of the audio played without affecting its time duration. You can increase or decrease the pitch of a song, without affecting its pace.

You can use the pitch shift to play a song at a pitch that suits your voice. At times, pitch shift is also useful to add richness and depth to the music or any other sound. By changing the pitch of a track, you can create curiosity and evoke emotions. So, if you want to change the pitch of a song you are playing, you can use the pitch shift feature of the AuDimix app.

AuDimix allows you to change the pitch in se mitone and cent which is subtle to one hundredth of a note. Use the pitch shift of AuDimix to change or match the pitch of any song. This feature is also helpful when you want to practice an instrument with, or sing along to a song. You can adjust the pitch to your desired level and continue practicing. Moreover, you can apply the pitch shift to individual stems or while creating a mix. AuDimix, with its existing feature of extracting stems, now allows you to apply pitch to fit better into your remixes and make them more appealing to your audience.

AuDimix is now with Pitch Shift and Tempo Adjustment

Tempo Adjuster

Tempo is the speed at which your music is played. Upbeat tempo pumps the energy up in a party environment. While when the tempo is low, it creates a soothing effect for the listener. 

Tempo is measured in BPM (beats per minute) which defines beats played in a minute. Tempo in any music connects the listener with the energy and soothing melody of the song. Tempo adjustment can evoke emotions and help you soak in the rhythm of the tune. 

With the AuDimix app, you can very easily adjust the tempo in the AuDimix app using a slider. You can increase or decrease the tempo by up to 200%.

Adjusting the tempo can help musicians master challenging sections of a song. No more impossible guitar solos or piano pieces!

Try Pitch Shift and Tempo Adjustment features with AuDimix

AuDimix already has interesting features to spice up your musical journey. And now, by introducing pitch shift and tempo adjustment, AuDimix has moved a step ahead to offer an unparalleled music practice, performance, and creation experience to its users. When you apply pitch shift and adjust tempo, your musical creation will get a unique and appealing touch. 

The live preview feature of AuDimix has proved to be helpful and has been appreciated by users globally. You can now apply pitch shift and adjust tempo of individual stems in real time, and listen to your creation with the Live Preview feature. Before you export stems, you can check your creativity with this live preview feature of AuDimix. Now, it’s time to explore the pitch shift and tempo slider that the team of Global Delight has introduced. It’s definitely going to take things up a notch.

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