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5 best apps to enhance audio quality on Smartphones

Enhance audio quality on Smartphones with top-rated apps

Enhance audio quality: Smartphones are more than just communicating or texting, you can find innumerable apps that can keep you entertained or amplify your enjoyment. One of the important aspects of any entertainment is good sound, without which every entertainment is incomplete.

Are you a smartphone user looking for ways to amp up your leisure time with good sound? Well, you are at the right place. We have a list of apps to enhance audio quality on Smartphones. Are you ready to get introduced to the best apps? If yes, your way to a better entertainment experience is in the following section.

Boom: Bass Booster and Equalizer app

The best audio quality enhancement app in the Play Store is Boom. Play music from Google Drive and Dropbox with 3D surround sound. You can use ANY headphones to experience Boom’s magic that creates enhanced and immersive sound. Boom has a 16-band or 8-band equalizer to customize sound to individual preferences.

This audio quality improvement app supports high-quality audio formats such as WAV, DSF, AIFF, and more. The Android version also supports system-wide Audio FX, so you can boost the sound from any of your favorite streaming apps, and games. Don’t just listen, feel the sound and make your entertainment the best experience with Boom effects. Are you ready to dive into the magical experience? If yes, Download Boom.

Bass Booster and Equalizer app

Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer – Best audio apps

The best among sound enhancer apps, Equalizer FX will make your music listening experience better on Smartphones. You can make use of a music equalizer and 12 presets to tailor the music to your personal choice. Additionally, you can use virtualization to boost the stereo audio of your phone.

You can stream audio streaming apps such as VK, Pandora, and others with Equalizer FX. Listening to music is the best thing to relax yourself, make it even more exciting by including Equalizer FX.

BlackPlayer Music Player: Sound quality enhancement app

Enhance audio quality of Android with the BlackPlayer Music Player. As the name suggests, it is a music player app that can make your music-listening experience fantastic. It supports high-quality audio files such as M4A, MP3, OGG, and others. The 3D Surround Virtualizer further boosts your entertainment experience.

BlackPlayer Music has a 5 band equalizer using which you can adjust the sound to your taste. Some of its other features are bass boost, HD album cover management, ID3 Tag editor, Sleep timer, Crossfading, Customizable colors, themes and fonts, Gapless audio playback, and more. Download BlackPlayer Music Player and customize the sound settings of your Android phone.

Omnia Music Player: Smartphone audio enhancement app

One of the best audio player and equalizer apps in the Play Store is Omnia Music Player. You can tweak your music preference setting with the 10-band equalizer and 15 presets to delight your entertainment.

A simple-to-use interface with powerful features is what Omnia Music Player is all about. Its best features are creating smart playlists, Google Cast support, Sound balance and Play speed adjustment, sleep timer, lossless audio support, reverb settings, etc. Get high-resolution audio on your Android phones with other powerful features by Omnia Music Player.

Stellio – Music and mp3 Player: Powerful music player app

Stellio is one such audio booster app that ticks all the boxes of being the perfect app for Smartphones. It supports audio formats such as FLAC, M4A, CUE, etc. Stellio gives you very convenient control over the music played on your smartphone. You can easily switch tracks by volume buttons or simply shake your phone.

Additionally, you can set a sleep timer and change the appearance of notifications and widgets. Another good feature of this app is Android Wear support, where you control tracks from your watch without using your phone. This app is a good option for someone looking for a simple yet powerful music player app.

Audio booster app


What are the top features of audio improvement apps?

Some of the best features are 3D surround sound, audio effects, equalizers and presets, etc. You will find these features in premium and top-rated apps.

Will music player apps damage the phone speakers?

You need to be careful while choosing the app. The best apps such as Boom, Equalizer FX, and BlackPlayer Music Player are popular and have good reviews. The choice is yours!

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