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A voice recorder app that helps to enhance your audio recordings with its impeccable features: this is about AudiOn. For all Android users, this is your time to get acquainted with the top-notch voice recorder app for Android.

AudiOn was first introduced to iOS, and now, after its huge success, the makers of AudiOn, Global Delight, decided to introduce it to Android users. (Make your Audio Recording a Masterpiece with AudiOn Android)

What makes this app special is its ability to experiment with your recordings. This app is not just an ordinary voice recording app, it has many features to improve your voice recording quality and to add some flair to your recordings that will capture the interest of your audience. Let’s have a look at why AudiOn Android is best for someone who communicates to their audience using a voice recorder app.

Improvement in voice quality : AudiOn

  • Mic Boost: This feature of AudiOn helps to boost the microphone’s sensitivity. It can help add clarity to your voice recordings. Experience sonic sound with mic boost feature.
  • Equalizer: Adjust your recording’s sound profile using AudiOn’s equalizer presets. Find your own signature sound.
  • Pitch and Speed: Change the pitch of your recordings. With this feature, you can correct the pitch of your voice recordings. AudiOn Android allows you to set the pitch, while you record your voice. You can also create a chipmunk effect with this pitch feature. Change the speed of your recordings and create your own vibe by controlling the speed.
  • Skip silence and denoise: Delete silent parts of your recordings with skip silence. Get crystal clear recordings eliminating background noise with denoise.

Skip silence and denoise together lets you connect with your audience better by ensuring continuity and eliminating distractions in your recordings.

  • Reverb: Add depth to your voice recordings with the reverb feature. It also masks imperfections in your recordings. The reverb effect makes the voice sound natural and creates an illusion of an environment.

voice recorder app for Android

Features to help edit your voice recordings

AudiOn’s new functionalities in the Android version are powerful and will make your voice recording experience smooth and easy. Let’s check out the editing features of AudiOn:

  • Trim, cut and merge: You can easily trim and cut specific parts of your recordings that are not important. Moreover, if you feel your recordings are too lengthy, you can use the trim and cut feature.

Now with the merge tool, you can combine different recordings and make one. This can be best used when you have short clips recorded and want to combine all of that into one recording.

  • Split recordings: Keep your recordings more organized with the split feature. You can divide your recordings into 3 segments and make your recordings short. Long recordings may pull away the interest of your audience, in that case, you can use this feature and separate your recordings into 3 parts.
  • Timestamp Marker: Continue recording from where you stopped with the timestamp marker. This feature is also helpful to review your recordings. When you get back to your recordings, it’s time consuming to check where you’ve last stopped. Thus, the Timestamp Marker is introduced by AudiOn to help you mark your recordings.
  • Add music: Voice recordings with background music can enhance the overall engagement of your recordings. AudiOn for Android lets you add music to your recordings, and you can adjust the level of volume of the background music.

Security Feature

  • App lock: Add extra security to your recordings with the app lock feature available on AudiOn. Keep your recordings confidential, and don’t let anyone access your sensitive information with the app lock feature. 

AudiOn Android special

Bottom Line

These features make AudiOn Android special and help seamlessly record your voice. Give AudiOn a try, and level up your engagement with your audience.