Temporary Issues With Boom 1.x And Voila On OS X El Capitan

October 6th, 2015 / by Marketing Team



With the release of the latest OS X El Capitan, users of Voila and Boom 1.x (Mac App Store version) seem to be facing issues with the app. As you probably know, in order to capture the computer’s audio along with a screen recording with Voila, you’ll need to download and install an additional component. However, after upgrading to El Capitan, the audio recordings don’t take place even with the component being present although the video recording takes place. In order to record computer audio, you’ll now need to re-download it again as El Capitan has assigned a new location for such components. This is a one-time thing that needs to be done as the inner workings of the new OS X has changed.



Audio Driver

For users of Boom 1.x who’ve purchased the app from the Mac App Store, you might have noticed that every time the app launches, it goes back to the original state. The volume booster and equalizer features aren’t shown and only the default file-boosting menu is present. You’ll need to download the additional component in order to make the app fully functional and will need to do so every time you launch the app. Again, this is due to the way El Capitan works and we’re coming out with an update soon that will resolve this. Until then, we apologize for the inconvenience of having to reinstall the component at every launch and hope you bear with us in the meantime.

Audio Driver


For further assistance, please contact us at boom@globaldelight.com for Boom 1.x and voila@globaldelight.com for Voila.


~ Siddharth

  • Oliver Raduner

    The Voila Web Screenshot extension for Safari 9.0 is not working anymore – is there an idea when there will be a working update available for Safari on OS X El Capitan?

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight


      Could you please mail us the issue you’re facing to voila@globaldelight.com so that we can look into it? Thanks.

      • Oliver Raduner


  • Luis Felipe Salvador

    How do I update if Boom isn`t even on the App Store anymore? (bought it from there)

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight

      Hello Luis.

      The app is undergoing maintenance and will be back on the Mac App Store real soon. Apologies for the inconvenience. Do bear with us in the meantime and you can update your copy of Boom 1.x soon.

  • Soren

    How soon will the update be available for Boom v1? Thanks.

    • Marketing Team

      Hello Soren,

      It will be out by tomorrow. Hold on tight :)

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight

      The update is out :)

  • socialdesigner

    Now if Global Delight could just fix the problem with sending lost license emails for loyal 1.0 users, that would be great.

    • Marketing Team

      Hello Chris,

      We’re getting back to you now. Oh, and love the ‘Office Space’ reference.