Stryke 1.0 Launches Worldwide!

November 12th, 2014 / by Marketing Team




After a soft launch in 7 countries, we are delighted to announce version 1.0 of ‘Stryke – Tap the fun’, a fun and simple way to connect with your loved ones using split-second looping videos. Stryke lets you experience the social world in a fun and personal way. We’re positive users will find the app extremely enjoyable in making hilarious clips on a daily basis as everything’s as simple as a tap.


Simplicity is king

Stryke is made to be as simple and easy as possible. Share anything from your best to your most humiliating foot-in-mouth memories with friends and family with just a tap! Any action – a dance move, high fives, a sly glance or a dog wagging its tail gets captured into a loop video and gives you your instant dose of funny; nothing amusing can ever be missed out!


Talk more with unique emoticons

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to express yourself the way you want to. It might be one of those days when you just don’t have much to talk about but want to stay connected. Sure, you can type in your message but who wants to read an essay on whether or not you’re happy?

Say more than what you want to with talking emoticons that liven up the entire conversation!


Love it? Spread it!

Sharing and watching funny stories can make anybody’s day. It’s in our roots to watch viral videos on a daily basis and Stryke makes it easier to share and view your videos with just a tap. You can share them privately with friends who already use Stryke, or you can use various other apps that support sharing videos from your gallery.


Save and Share

Being able to think of various different conversations to use your videos in is a neat convenience in Stryke that lets you keep up with your hilarious pals always stealing your punch line! Save them in your camera roll and send them to your friends as many times as you like!


Anonymity in a world filled with peeping toms

We’ve all come across that obsessed girlfriend who checks what time you were last online. Even parents have begun taking advantage of the Internet to keep track of their kids. One of Stryke’s awesome features lets you add that extra zing of mischief by allowing an ‘anonymous’ avatar that keeps your identity hidden in a group conversation. Reveal your best friend’s secrets or proclaim love to your crush and watch the fun unfold!



Users loved the concept of Stryke and you can check out a few interesting stories created by them hereDownload Stryke and become an instant hit amongst your gang. Capture priceless expressions with Stryke and share them with your friends to keep the humor cooking!