So, why watermark?

December 3rd, 2014 / by Marketing Team



Dear users!

We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback on our newly introduced watermark feature that was added in our latest update and we understand many of you are not happy with it. Hence, we’d like to take this opportunity to inform you on the reasons behind this feature.

Game Your Video now adds a watermark to the videos you create using the app. The latest update requires a separate purchase to remove that watermark. We introduced this feature because we realised that ownership is an important factor when it comes to creating, editing & most importantly sharing your created videos on social network.

So, while the app still continues to offer the best services, the branding of these videos will help Game Your Video gain visibility in this cluttered market. We also need to move ahead with our plans to secure the future of ‘Game Your Video’. So, we need to bring in a monetisation model to not just sustain the existence of the app but also to support the brains behind it. We have noted down your valuable suggestions and are working on the same to ensure that we come up with solutions that make OUR USERS happy! We also whole- heartedly thank all our users who have purchased the ‘Watermark Removal’ in-app and have entrusted the app with their confidence.

Dear users, Game Your Video still is the best free app that offers some of the choicest video-editing tools for all kinds of effects.

While Game Your Video offers completely free video editing for your everyday videos, you will still have to purchase the watermark removal add-on through the Store. It’s a tiny barrier when the app is free, but it’ll help us more than ever if you purchase the add-on. There are various other effects and filters that you can buy from within the app that’ll enhance your editing experience manifold. There are many more awesome features to come, Keep watching out this space for further exciting updates!

Always committed towards providing you with the most magical video editing experience!


-Team GYV