Say Hello To Camera Plus On The Apple Watch!

April 20th, 2015 / by Marketing Team



The Camera Plus extension for the Apple Watch is out and the next category in consumer electronics is officially in. Camera Plus, the App Store original, is once again one of the first camera apps to break new ground. Carrying over the same legendary simplicity with an intuitive interface, this new chapter in Camera Plus story is about to begin.

The new extension is perfect for you to instantly capture photos and videos. Also, Camera Plus expands AirSnap’s functionality by bringing it onto the Apple Watch to take the app’s functionality into the next level. By eliminating the need to fish around constantly for your iPhone or iPod for an important click, you are now just mere taps away from controlling and triggering full-fledged captures. Camera Plus on the Apple Watch automatically syncs itself with your iPhone or iPod the second you open it, thus offering a seamless experience and eliminating any further steps.

Acting as a remote to control various photo & video capture functions, Camera Plus on the Apple Watch offers users a way of instantly controlling the various facets of photography from their wrist. Get easy access to the following features:


• Photo Capture

• Video Recording

• Choice of front and back camera

• Flash

• Countdown timer

• Instant preview after capture

• Live Preview when capturing


Camera Plus on the Apple Watch is brilliant for instant candid shots, group selfies, portraits with family & friends and other picture perfect moments that rely on being captured at the right time.

The Apple Watch presents a whole new way of interacting with your personal device. The same is true for Camera Plus. By giving you the power of immediately being able to capture anything, anywhere, you get to avoid constantly having to fish for your phone every second. Camera Plus cannot wait to be the go-to camera app on the wrist of users around the world.


Camera Plus on the Apple Watch is an extension to Camera Plus that will be available to all those who have the app on an iOS 8.3 and later device. For more details, please visit the App Store page and the website. You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. Have a good day!