How To Record Video Chats On The Mac With Voila

March 16th, 2015 / by Marketing Team

Voila records web chats with video


Ever fancied if you could just record your video chats like those on Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. on your Mac? Everyday, millions of people rely on this form of communication to talk and interact on various levels and chats conducted over the web are only increasing everyday. To assist people in recording and saving these video chats, Voila Screen Capture for Mac presents an easy and efficient method that has almost no learning curve!

So, setting yourself up to record video chats is real simple. First, select the video chat window you’d like to record. Now, open Voila on your Mac and select the ‘Record’ option you see on the main bar. If you haven’t experienced Voila, head to its site and download it! Next, choose from either ‘Fullscreen’ or ‘Selection’ (if you prefer to record only a particular area of your video chat). Those who select ‘Selection’ will be presented with an extra step wherein they’ll have to select their preferred recording area. Once done, you’re just one tiny step away from recording your Mac video chats in maximum quality.


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.25.04 pm


From the pre-recording window that pops up, remember to choose ‘Record Computer Audio’ and ‘Record Microphone Audio’.  If you’re using an external microphone plugged into your Mac, remember to choose it from the drop down list provided. You’re now ready to record and save your video chats! Once you hit the red record button, Voila is action and records your video chats along with the full audio on both ends. This includes Skype, Google Hangouts and any other video chat service out there.

For more information on Voila Screen Capture for Mac, visit the site to learn more. You can also download a free, no-commitment 15 day trial. If you’d like to say Hi, please reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.




Voila is smart enough to automatically select its own device to record your Mac’s audio when the ‘Record Computer Audio’ option is ON. If not, you can do so yourself by selecting ‘VoilaDevice’ under your video chat app’s preference window.


~ Siddharth