Introducing Boom 3D Windows Beta 1

June 6th, 2018 / by admin

Today marks the launch of our first Beta of Boom 3D on Windows OS! You are invited to join the audio revolution that is going to change the whole listening experience of the Windows users.

This is a massive release, which comes after tons of requests pouring from users all over the world since the software has gained huge popularity on the Mac and iOS platforms. Read on to see what the entire hubbub is about and you’ll definitely catch our contagious excitement.

Boom 3D Windows is powered by Global Delight’s patent-pending 3D Surround Sound that adds a remarkably convincing 3D effect to your entire media playback and offers magically immersive virtual surround sound experience on ANY headphones! It takes your audio levels up to deliver an incredible audio experience so that never again will you have to worry about poor audio quality. Just relax and enjoy the sonic bliss!

This feature-strong app includes handcrafted Equalizer Presets that give you the liberty to shape your sound according to your preferences, exquisite Audio Effects that can add an extra dimension to all your audios, and much more.

Whether be it movies, music, videos, games or anything else, Windows users can now enjoy a far superior audio experience than ever before!

Test Drive Boom 3D for Windows

Intrepid testers who enjoy innovation can jump right in by taking part in the Beta testing today.

Download Boom 3D Windows Beta

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1. This version is currently compatible only with Windows 10

2. The Beta version is valid only up to June 30