In Review: An Eventful 2013!

December 24th, 2013 / by Marketing Team




As 2013 draws to a close, we at Global Delight are pleased that this year saw plenty of app improvements, updates and overhauls. Our Mac apps ‘Boom’ and ‘Voila’ significantly came off age and paved the way for a bright future. Camera Plus reinvented itself and was one of the first camera apps to complement iOS 7’s style when it came out. Its cousin, Camera Plus Pro, also saw changes that helped maintain its popularity amongst iPhone users. Lest you forget, the video app Game Your Video saw its bump to v2.0 wherein it received an overhaul to its UI as well as an appearance at the Macworld Expo 2013.

Let’s take a look at how our apps fared through the year. Boom saw two major updates (1.7 and 1.8) that added more substance and utility to it. The first saw 6 new equalizers while v1.8 brought 2 more along and full compatibility with the new Mac OS X Mavericks. We’ll make sure Boom continues to rock users well in 2014!

Our intuitive screen capture tool ‘Voila’ saw its fair share of updates and improvements. The first, v3.4, added the Voila Helper agent (Menu only option) and the ability to pause during recordings amongst others. These nifty features were followed by the major update to 3.5 that saw sharing extended to support services like Dropbox, Evernote, Tumblr and more. Also included were options to remember the last capture location and to capture windows without the shadow. The latest update to 3.6 introduced compatibility with Mavericks and tons of other enhancements. Voila now supports German, possesses a unified search and URL bar and contains an improved Text tool. In addition, it was also talked up by Macworld!




Camera Plus 3.0 saw its biggest transformation till date. It was launched when iOS 7 came out and was dressed to kill. The second coming of Camera Plus was well received for its beautiful looks and innovative features like Focus modes, intelligent exposure control (Lumy) and one-touch photo enhancement (Pix’d). Later, v3.1 brought filters, text captions and much more to match style with substance. We’d like to think it was a resounding comeback! Camera Plus Pro also jumped onto the  iOS 7 bandwagon and is in line to receive a major upgrade of it’s own pretty soon.

We’re also proud that ‘Game Your Video’ was featured by Apple throughout the year on the App Store. After being updated to v2.0 it made its presence felt with an appearance in the Macworld Expo. It also swept awards at the ‘Best App Ever’ convention, claiming ‘Best Video Editing app’ and ‘Best creative video app’ for it’s sheer awesomeness! Pretty Neat, isn’t it?

Overall, 2013 was a year filled with scores of promise and new beginnings. We moved into our new office space that is downright awesome! Our roadmap for 2014 and beyond is filled with bright ideas and sterling innovations, which we hope will continue to extract the most out of Macs and iPhones (and more hopefully :-)). To get the new year off to a start, we’ve got several surprises that is bound to make a splash on the Apple community. A brand new firecracker of an app is set to descend upon us. We’re not going to reveal more than the fact that this iOS app will change the way you have fun and communicate with friends! Later, we’ve got an update for Voila that is poised for much bigger things! Camera Plus Pro is also getting the iOS 7 dress-up and we’re confident it’s new avatar will floor all of you. Stay tuned!

We hope you had a stellar 2013 too. Though the world saw several tragedies that made it a poorer place, we hope 2014 brings you (and us :-)) all the luck, chance and success! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.