How To Mask Sensitive Information In Images Using Voila

October 11th, 2013 / by Marketing Team


Private Sign

There always comes a time when there is a need to mask or blur parts of an image so that private information doesn’t end up making the rounds online or otherwise. We get several requests from our users asking us for the most effective way to do this without making it too obvious. And with account hacks, user information thefts and fake identities becoming commonplace, we wouldn’t blame them. Whether it is a harmless picture with a car in the background where the number plate is seen or an image where personal data is clearly visible, confidentiality is important so as to protect oneself from the dangers that lurk around.

Voila makes this easy as it has a couple of nifty tools that easily take care of it – Marquee and Blur. With these, you can block anything or just blur out what is required. Marquee helps hide parts of an image completely so that nothing is visible while Blur blocks segments in a more understated way. Depending on the situation, you can use either tool to achieve the desired effect.

For the sake of explanation, let us take the example of an image containing login credentials. You don’t want your username being the talk of the town!




To use Marquee:

  • Select ‘Marquee’ under ‘Tools’.



  • Choose the shape you want.


  • Mark any area of the image that matches the color of the part you intend to hide.



  • Once done, press ‘Cmd+C’ to copy and then paste (Cmd+V) it anywhere on the image.


  • You now have a copy of the selected image segment that you can drag and drop.


  • Place it over the desired area and you now have your personals completely hidden.



To use Blur:

  • Go to ‘Blur’ under ‘Tools’.



  • Once selected, choose the ‘Style’ you want to employ. Pick between Box, Gaussian, Motion and Pixellate.


  • Mark the desired area. You now get to see the effect.



  • Change the ‘Intensity’ accordingly, using the slider provided.


Voila_Capture22 copy 2


The image is now more secure with all the personal and intimate information hidden. You can now post these online confidently without the fear of your data getting into the wrong hands.

Give this wonderful tip a go today. If there are any queries or further information you’d like, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you. Try Voila and let us know what you think by grabbing a free trial here.


~ Siddharth