How To Find Your Boom 2 Registration Code

June 13th, 2017 / by admin

Hey Boom 2 Users,

Those who purchased Boom2 from our website, want to upgrade to Boom 3D, and can’t find your registration code, this is for you all.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to find the code inside your Boom 2 app:

1. Open the Boom 2 app

2. Click on Settings

Step 1

3.  Find your Boom 2 Registration Code

Boom 2 reg code

Now, go ahead, and upgrade to Boom 3D to experience the incredible 3D Surround Sound that transforms the way you hear music!

For Users who purchased Boom2 from Mac App Store:

1. Please send your Boom2 Apple invoice to

2. After verification, we shall send you an email with the store link to upgrade to Boom 3D.


Happy 3D Boomin’!

Please Note: Boom 3D works only on OS X10.10.3 and later.

Support: Write to us at in case of any queries.

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