How 1200 Students at Yarra Valley Grammar Benefit from Capto

December 6th, 2016 / by Marketing Team

When Capto was getting conceptualized, we visualized a powerful tool for educational institutes around the world. We visualized a screen-capturing, screen-recording and editing solution that would help the educators impart knowledge with ease while saving significant time. Beginning its journey in 2008 under the brand name ‘Voila’, Capto has come a long way, undergoing numerous technical advancements and design updates.


While looking back at this journey, we came across an ardent user of Capto — an Apple Distinguished Educator — Phillip Callil, from Victoria, Australia. He is one of our longest-standing users with an association that clocks close to a decade. As the Director of IT and eLearning at the Yarra Valley Grammar, he has demonstrated his love for Capto by installing it in almost every Mac at the school.

Overwhelmed by the response, we tried to reach out to him and understand his impression of Capto and the role it is playing in the lives of the young and budding students there.

Following is an excerpt from the conversation we had. You will realize how the ease, convenience, and affordability of Capto have made it a potent educational enabler, and us proud.

Team Capto: You mentioned there are close to 1200 students at the Yarra Valley Grammar school. Please tell us more about it.

Philip: It’s an independent school and it runs from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. We have a cross platform environment. So we’ve got windows PCs as well as the Macintosh users. If not 50:50, I’d say 60% Windows and 40% Mac users.


Nestled in Yarra Valley, Victoria, Yarra Valley Grammar imparts education to close to 1200 students with the effective use of technological advancements.

Team Capto: When was it that your association with Capto (then Voila) started? How did you come across Capto?

Philip: I believe I’ve been using it for around ten years. I’m an Apple Distinguished Educator, so I’ve got recognition from Apple for work I do in education. Apple Distinguished Educator has a forum and I think they were offering free licenses back then, I’m not sure. That’s how I think I came across Capto. My association has been really really long. I’ve introduced it to the schools that I have worked with. For me its ease of use and the versatility that matches correctly to the work we do as teachers. So, I’m always keen, no matter which institution earlier I worked with, to use Capto. It’s an excellent App.

Team Capto: In what way is Capto serving the purpose you got it for?

Philip: The most common way I use it is for screen recording or for video recording. I find it indispensable for taking videos of the parts of YouTube or other things for our requirements.

Team Capto: Please tell us more about the purposes it is used for. Is it the projects or the lessons you take, that you use the screen record capabilities for?

Philip: We make use of a Learning Management System (LMS) here called Canvas. It is an American LMS. So all the teachers need to know how to do things. Screen recording helps us to introduce new workflows and processes to the teachers. (We) certainly (use it) to show them a better way to do something; for that it is indispensable. I quickly record it using Capto for 20-30 sec and then share it in mail, or put it up on the Google Drive to teachers, or put it up on the professional learning forum that the teachers have access to.

Team Capto: Is it the teachers alone who use Capto, or do the students also make use of it?

Philip: While it is not yet deployed to the students, it certainly touches their learning. (I use Capto) for capturing videos from the newspaper websites. (Or), for instance, we’ve blocked YouTube here to make sure kids aren’t wasting time on YouTube. So the informational videos are not accessible. (In such a case), I would screen-record the YouTube videos and then put it up on the LMS. That’s a good way to do it! 

Team Capto: Close to ten years with Capto; it is a long time, indeed. What is it that keeps you coming back to Capto? Any older memory you’d like to share?

Philip: I remember we used to have screen recorder apps back then, and then we figured out which one would suit the best. I have tried many, and for us, teachers, the affordability, and ease-of-use remain the key for zeroing onto one. As a teacher, I feel Capto is the best for us. You can buy Camtasia but I believe it’s over $100 whereas the license of Capto, I think, I paid $30 for each. So, the affordability and ease-of-use remain the two key elements that work really well for any school and me. Also, the smart feature of capture and then organize the videos is also very helpful.

Team Capto: Would you recommend Capto?

Philip: I have no hesitation in recommending Capto. As I said I’ve used many screen recorders in past, but Capto still remains my favorite for the Mac. Absolutely!

Team Capto: And, what would be the top features you would recommend it for?

Philip: Certainly the video recording and screen recording; recording remains the top. I like the trimming features inboard and editing the video features. I think it’s really consistent with the track. I like it. Capto is easy to use and I think it’s a great product. Keep on!


It makes us proud to learn that our product has been a potent education enabler for Yarra Valley Grammar. The satisfaction of being able to touch so many lives, especially those of young and budding children is unparalleled. It keeps us motivated in our endeavor to provide the best screen-capturing, screen-recording and editing experience.

Thanks, Philip, for all the enthusiasm and support showed towards our product and this interview. Hope the sun keeps shining bright on Yarra Valley.

Tell us what you think about our association with Yarra Valley Grammar and Philip Callil in the comments section below. Cheers!