Game Your Video is now on Tumblr!

December 8th, 2014 / by Marketing Team



Hello Fellas!

Its been a while since we spoke to each other but we hope you are all doing great! You might have a lot to finish before taking off for Christmas because at our end things are quite hectic. (Well, new surprises are on their way!) :) But amidst all the hullaballoo, we are very happy and excited to inform that we are starting with ‘Game Your Video’ blog. (Yes, you read it right!)

We know some of the curious brains out there are wondering about this initiative from our end but no worries, we will satiate your queries. Well, Game your Video has always been about making your video-editing experience magical as it empowers you to add different flavours, allows you to add text on your videos, awesome effects & now you can add Voice-overs too! (Isn’t it cool??)

So, whether it is a nostalgic video shot during your old school times about the prank you played on your buddies or when you & your friends recorded first song for the band or a funny small piece shot on a family gathering with your loved ones all around or better still it is one of your favourites where you won hearts of masses with cool Parkour Moves, all these videos can be turned into masterpieces with cool editing tools offered by Game Your Video.

Now, you can stop worrying about editing your videos because Game Your Video has got your back! 😉 We are very sure that our users will agree with us & those of you who have not used the app yet, do consider giving it a try! We bet you can’t resist its charm

So, if we put it briefly, this blog will be a unique space where we will keep you updated about the new exciting features that are soon going to come in the app :)  (Keep guessing!)

It will be a platform where we will talk about the app and share some of our creations too with you. (Well, we too love editing videos using the app :P)

And most importantly, it will be the place where we can connect with YOU, our Dear Users, because we firmly believe that it is you who complete us. It had been a beautiful journey so far and we sincerely hope this step would only strengthen our bond!

See you there and let’s get talking. 😀 :)


~ Team GYV