Effortlessly Gorgeous Macro Photos With Camera Plus!

October 1st, 2015 / by Marketing Team


What is it about Macro shots that evoke such a vivid mental response? Is it the clarity in details or the fact that you get to see something small up close and personal? Whatever the answer is, Macro shots are a sight to behold! Nothing gets people more excited than a shot of something delicate and majestic, like a flower or a tiny insect.

We’ve got some beautiful Macro images that showcases nature in ways that can only be experienced if you were right in front of it. Camera Plus has a special ‘Macro’ mode that lets you do just that. Let the images below do the talking!





Camera Plus can take all these amazing shots without a fuss. All you need is an iOS device and the creative juices to match your imagination and you’re all set! You can download the app from the iTunes App Store and get shootin’ in a jiffy. You can also interact with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Happy Clickin’!

~ Siddharth