Capto Brings Floating Panel Capture, Highlighter & More.

August 5th, 2016 / by Marketing Team


Capto, the screen capture and recording app is now here with better features! In the recent update we have included few major additions such as the Numbering tool, Floating Panel Capture, Highlighter Image editing tool, Count Down Timer, and many more other cool features. Watch the video if you’re short on time.

The Numbering tool helps to point areas on an image with numbers and letters. Now you can add numbers and letters on your image to explain step-by-step process without having to worry about the viewer getting confused.

The Pop-up/Floating Panel Capture lets the user capture the screen with a floating window in it. In the previous version, the pop-up window used to be missing from the picture.

The Highlighter Image Editing Tool consists of two types of highlighters. One is a Doodle/Freehand highlighter and the other is a Rectangular highlighter. As the name suggests, the Doodle highlighter lets you highlight/mark the portions you want to in any shape you wish, while the Rectangular highlighter can highlight in rectangular sections.

A New Style of Arrow for Image and Video Editing has been introduced that enables you to use various types of annotations to make your project look more professional

The addition of a Count Down Timer during recording enables you to start recording by giving you a head start of when it would exactly start recording. This gives you some additional time to select the screen/window you wish to record. You can set the countdown  up to 20 seconds.

The next feature has been designed for Macs with OS 10.11, which has Force Touch Enabled Features in it. Now you can use Force Touch to know when you have reached the end of the video, when you have reached the ‘Zoom to Fit’ option when zoomed in and even to know the commencing time of two annotations that have overlapped each other.

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy using Capto. Don’t forget to review us on the App Store!

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful Mac screen capture tool,  give Capto a free try.