Camera Plus Pro Celebrates Five Years Of Pro iPhone Photography!

December 18th, 2014 / by Marketing Team



Your favorite pro iPhone photography app now is five years old! Starting out as a humble journey into exploring the depths of smartphone photography, Camera Plus Pro now offers a fully-fledged camera experience. With a loyal following from around the world and tons of captures being made through the app every single day, Camera Plus Pro couldn’t possible thank all of you enough. And yes, considering the fickle nature of the app industry, 5 years is a big milestone indeed!

Smartphone photography has come a long way since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. What was seen as a communication device is now a multimedia behemoth that can relate to everything that we do in our daily lives. These ubiquitous devices play an important role in every aspect and this includes photography; something that has got everyone hooked onto. Today, even low and mid-level phones carry optics that are more than capable of holding their own.

Camera Plus Pro has always been about extracting the maximum out of every capture. It may boast features that bring out the inner child, but this isn’t just what it excels at. It was also the harbinger of a lot ‘firsts’! Camera Plus Pro introduced video recording on the iPhone 3G and also the concept of a ‘Quick’ roll – which acted as a workbench; a sort of intermediate between the Camera Roll and the camera. You could play with you captures and get it just right, before copying it onto your Camera Roll for your pleasure. You’re welcome! :-)

If that wasn’t enough, Camera Plus Pro was also the first to provide live filters for both photos and videos in full resolution. This set the tone when it came to viewing the effect of a filter even before taking the capture. Rounding up the list of firsts, it was also presented image editing at full resolution so that you always end up with the finest quality shots. Whoop!

Camera Plus Pro’s eventful journey has been full of surprises over the years. We’ve had people gushing about it, clamoring over it, falling hopelessly in love with it and embracing its philosophy. It has and will continue to break down barriers with respect to smartphone photography. Once again, a hearty ‘Thank You’ to all of you out there who’ve supported it and captured amazing photos & videos with it.

To celebrate its birthday, we’re giving away a special 33% discount for a limited period. Grab it while it lasts and let your captures do all the talking. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin should you want to contact us.


~ Siddharth