Camera Plus Pro 5.0 – More Pro Per Click

March 14th, 2014 / by Marketing Team



“Out with the blocky and staid. In with the clean and minimal.”


And with that we present to you the brand new version of Camera Plus Pro – The professional iPhone camera app that is loved by millions worldwide. Oh and say hello to the new logo! Quite handsome, isn’t it?

Camera Plus Pro 5.0 features a refreshed interface and crisp app graphics that is in line with iOS 7 and its translucent goodness. Moving forward from the uninspiring annals of iOS through the years, this new-gen update packs a punch with its impressive list of features, tools and additions. Apart from the grey hues oozing out sexiness, Camera Plus Pro brings Full-Resolution Image Editing, Separate Exposure and Focus Controls, An Exciting Yet Powerful Suite Of Editing Options, Super Smooth Video Recording and much much more!

Apart from the killer looks, we’ve also stuffed in some nifty new features for this update like iMessage Sharing, Copyright Imprints, Video Zooming For HD and Streamlined Options to Import and Export Captures. Camera Plus Pro also carries over the same professional touch that won it mass acclaim and global fame over the years. You get to view Live Filters, Tweak the Brightness, Saturation, Contrast etc. for photos, lock captures in a secure spot and share them to all the usual suspects like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and more.

“Complete control over captures”

Camera Plus Pro, being the opportunistic soul that it is, takes full advantage of iOS 7 and all the spanking new technologies it brings to turn your iPhone into a potent photography device on the go. With brilliant capture controls, zippy navigation, refined workflow and effortless sharing, no subject is safe out there! The new Camera Plus Pro will excite you, tease you, please you, surprise you, fascinate you and make you fall in love with it in addition to taking excellent captures all day, everyday.

Now getting into the boring bits, we’d like to start off with the fact that this update is exclusive for iOS 7 and above (sorry iOS 6ers, you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade your devices!) And as a big thank you to all our loyal users, we’ve made this a free update to those on iOS 7. You know what that means! Now you get to play around with your iPhone and shoot like a pro all day long! So go out there. Explore the world and capture what you fancy.

“Faster. More Powerful. Pro” 

Take the all-new Camera Plus Pro for a spin and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear what you think of the new update and our brand new site. Do send us your comments, opinions, rants, remarks or buy us a pizza instead! Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates, promotions and more.