Bridging The Divide: Let’s Get Social!

January 30th, 2014 / by Marketing Team




We all have an innate desire to connect. Humans are wired to be social and almost always in touch with their kind. As the years have gone by, we’ve come to accept the progress made in areas of communication. Be it in groups, one-on-one or through a certain medium, people have always found ingenious ways to keep in touch.

Keeping up with the times, the notion of ‘following’ and being followed has evolved along with the swathes of inventions that have come and gone. Regular, interesting and genuine information has always formed the cornerstone of a good, co-existing relationship. The dawn of the cyber-age has rendered it no different, albeit on a more accessible and grander scale. The means may have evolved, but not the principles.

While we at Global Delight strive to make apps that are awesome, we also try to maintain the same fervor in maintaining a sound connection with our users, peers and the like. Our presence on different social media and related portals is meant to sustain a platform where we can talk, have fun and work towards getting things done.

Going beyond Facebook, you will also find us actively dabbling away on Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. We’re also refreshing our presence on these sites to make it worthwhile experience and to hangout!

Be sure to check in on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter regularly. We’ve got news, updates, promos and snippets that you’ll love. Have a look at our ‘Camera Plus’ page to see some wonderful images from around the world, curated for you guys. We also use Twitter to listen in on issues that users may face, making sure they are helped out with what needs to be done.

You can also visit our YouTube for killer videos on ‘Voila’ Screen Capture and the impeccable ‘Game Your Video’. Also, do go to the Global Delight page for videos on ‘Boom’ Volume Booster and others.

We’re slowly expanding onto other areas of the social connect too. You should see us on a wide variety of sites soon. Keep visiting us regularly and why don’t we start this relationship with a conversation. Why don’t we start first?




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